Water Co-Chairs are Mark Somnis & Pat Gai
Committee members are: Tom Norton, Ashley Saunders. Advisors are Rod Case and Keith Renfrew.
DoH Licensed Operator is Ellen Winningham, EMCNW

The committee is responsible for the infrastructure supporting the delivery of water to all eligible residents of the Community. This includes pumping water into a reservoir, periodic testing of the water, monitoring the flow of water within the system, and shutoff vaults at each property served by the system.


Presentation for 2023 Annual Meeting

Brief update on leak investigation – no sources of leaks identified at this point, but data does indicate approximately a 20% difference between amounts pumped and amounts viewed on the meters (state recommends a max 10% difference). The Water Committee expects to contact another vendor soon for additional investigation.

  • The Water Committee asks residents to be mindful and to try to reel in some of the usage.
  • Planning an annual meter reading of all 69 individual lot meters on Saturday, May 20 (expect minor interruptions that day).
  • Click HERE to see the presentation.

Presentation for 2021 Annual meeting

Mark and Pat discussed the work done in 2020. Our longtime chair Evan Lurton has stepped aside and most of the effort for 2020 was spent on formulating a new committee. That effort is well underway with the new committee learning the ins and outs of taking care of this critical service. Click HERE to see the presentation

Presentation for 2020 Annual meeting

Rod Case filled in for Evan who was not feeling well. He discussed the work done in 2019 highlighted by the completion of our 12 year project to upgrade all service boxes as required by the state. He also discussed projects for 2020 including several leak repairs and distribution valve replacements. Click HERE to see the presentation

Presentation for 2019 Annual meeting

Evan discussed the work done in 2018, projects for work in 2019 including completion of the 10 year plan to upgrade all service boxes, test results and showed interesting pictures. Click HERE to see his presentation

The 2019 confidence report from the Dept. of Health for 2019 is also available. Click HERE to see the report.

Presentation for 2018 Annual meeting

Evan discussed the work done in 2017, plans for work in 2018, test results and showed interesting pictures. Click HERE to see his presentation

Presentation for 2017 Annual meeting

Evan discussed the work done in 2016, plans for work in 2017, test results and showed interesting pictures. Click HERE to see his presentation (big file takes a few minutes to load – be patient)

Presentation for 2013 Annual meeting

Evan discussed the work done in 2012 and showed interesting pictures. Presentation (big file takes a few minutes to load – be patient)

Highlights of presentation made at 2011 annual meeting:

  • A new zone was added to our system. In order to better control the pressure to homes along 241st they were put onto a new seperate zone (#3). A large distribution box was installed on the Greening property. The water main from the well site enters this box and has now been split into two seperate lines. The original line still goes basically west and north along 162nd and 239th. A new valve was installed to seperate line going west along 241st. Pressure guages and reducer valves were placed on both lines. The new zone is set to run at a higher pressure with the goal of maintaining an acceptable pressure at the Anderson property which is higher than all other houses on the line.
  • The team continues to work on identifying leaks in our distribution system. With the new pressure guages installed we can now shut off selected areas and look for an increase in pressure. Several leak areas have been identified in this manner and leaks fixed. Our goal is to get water loss down to less than 10%. With the work already done we have made a large step toward that goal.
  • There were several planned (communicated) outages in 2010 to facilitate work on the system. There were no unplanned outages.
  • Normal monthly tests were completed with no failures. We also conduced a special Inorganic compounds test and all levels were below state limits. Our water continues to be very clean and pure.
  • Plans for 2011:
    – Install a new propane fired generator. It will be much more automated than our current one.
    – Replace the pump house roof and place a new awning over the generator rollout area.
    – Continue leak detection and repair.

For more information and to view the entire presentation made at the annual meeting Click here

Highlights of presentation made at 2008 annual meeting:

  • There were no unplanned outages during the year. There was one planned outage for well site maintenance.
  • All tests on the water system passed during the year. This includes our monthly bacteriological tests as well as tests for Nitrates & Nitrites, and Inorganic Compounds.
  • Maintenance on well site:
    – Well head maintenance including installation of a source meter
    – Plumbing changes including new pipes, shut off valves, backup routing.
    – The access road was cleared and new gravel laid.
  • Minimal maintenance needed on delivery system. One street valve leak was identified and fixed.
  • Plans for 2008:
    – Install first two new service vaults and test during the year.
    – Reservoir roof maintenance.
    – Install line blow-outs at each line termination.
    – Eliminate unused portions of distribution system.

For more information and to view the entire presentation made at the 2011 annual meeting Click here

Planned activities for 2007 include:

  • Instalation of a meter on the pump line. This will allow us to meet new State regulations that require
    us to report how much water we pump out of the ground.
  • Continue looking for a viable solution for replacing the roof on our reservoir. Options such as installing
    a concrete lid, replacing the roof with a new wood (or steel) truss roof have been looked at. They
    appear to be cost prohibitive. The committee will now look at the possibility of installing two plastic
  • Begin replacing all service vaults within the system. Current valves are now 40 years old and beginning
    to fail. Evan is developing a prototype new vault including a plastic vault casing, new valves, flow
    meters, a master shutoff valve, and a backflow valve. It will take several years to complete this work.

Highlights of events involving the Water system in 2006 include:

  • There have been no water quality failures for the last two years.
  • The Dept. Of Health did an onsite surevey of our system. Two inspectors went over all aspects of our
    system. No deficiencies were found!!
  • There were two unplanned outages, both in December due to record breaking weather events. In both cases
    electrical power to the well was lost and the generator was called into service. For the first outage
    it was able to maintain our water supply. During the much longer (almost a week) outage the generator
    experienced two failures. In both cases it was repaired within a day and put back into service.
  • The committee has begun a complete survey of the system distribution lines and shutoff valves. Pictures
    are being taken of each distribution vault, brush is cleared from the immediate area, and an identifying
    marker placed beside the vault to facilitate location in the future.
  • Each property owner was asked to check for possible leaks on their property. The committee is sure that
    one or more significant leaks exist. Several smaller leaks were found and repaired.
  • Evan is now monitoring pump runtime and recording the ON time. This information will be used to identify
    significant increases and the likelihood of a new leak.