2011 Annual Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Annual Meeting

March 3,11,2011

I. Mark Achzenick – Announcements: Sign in and provide proxy forms

II. Ian Achzenick – Welcome!

Intro of Board Members: Mark Achzenick, Dave Prochazka, Terry Deschenes, Mark Anderson, Tod Ray, Tara Bingham, and Rod Case.

III. Budget Reports Rod Case

General Budget –

· Presented end of year budget report – Checking and Savings: 10,282.86

· Water Account $65,000. In CDs

· Accts Receivable $4699.35

Income and Expenditures were close in 2010. Reports show $774.19 difference. Savings came from:

· Mowing, less than planned

· Sanican rental for part of the year shows savings

· Maintenance of community property– little done

· Entertainment – no Fall Fest provided savings:

Areas where we did not save:

· Legal Fees – attorney time and property liens for those who are considerably behind in dues– some not collected because of foreclosures

· Mailings – went over for Cedar Grove issue

· Lakes – More spent than planned – more info from chairman later

· Roads – 2 projects have been started, but will be done when weather allows

· Water: Evans projections came close. No roof on pump house provided savings, but will be done. Surplus: 662.83

2011 Budget – Significant challenges for infrastructure upkeep, and more funds are needed, especially for lakes and roads.

IV. Community Property: Rick Ward

· Mostly maintenance – lights, sanican, gazebo, mowing. Rick says there were fewer mowing this year – too wet. Wants to start mowing earlier. Naus and Achzenicks kids did the mowing.

· Marty Johnson asked: “Can we do something about the grubs so that the moles will go away?” Absolutely. Rick wants to encourage any resident interested to get involved. A new chair person is needed.

V. Roads: Mark Achzenick

Thanks to committee. Terry Deschenes is taking over the chair person. Thanks to Kara and Shawn, Brendan, and other volunteers who have helped this year!

Completed 2010: Pot Holes, replaced turtles, etc.

Project 1. Kitchin property: New culvert to address drainage issue has been purchased. We have:.
removed trees, extended culvert ditch deeper. All that remains is to dig up driveway and palce culvert. Waiting for dryer weather.
Project 2. Potholes and water problems on Ward’s road. Utility companies came out and located power and cable lines running right up the ditch. We are very concerned about digging in this area. We are working on a temporary fix of placing sand and paver blocks in the potholes. Our hope is that this will allow water to seep up through sand yet the pavers will provide a surface upon which cars can drive.

2011 Plans: Estimate for drainage and repair 23K

Project 3. Safety Issues: Snow removal and ice. Decided not to address snow, but have addressed ice conditions. Mark Anderson acquired a spreader to apply materials during dangerous times.
Project 4. clean signs, fill road depressions that compromise roads bed. Clear brush and ditch maintenance. Tree- line maintainenance needed, damage to resident vehicle reported.

Projected 2011 Roads Budget: $7000

· Complete two major projects started in 2010

· Road safety $300 materials

· Misc maint by volunteers and tree services

· Road bed failure – 5 areas need attention. Fill with gravel, asphalt patches

Action: Complete existing projects, consider new annexation of property next to Nau,, 7 potholes need attention, edge and ditches – 5 areas. Roadbed failure – 6 segments under watch.

VI. Water: Evan Lurton

For more information and to view the entire presentation made at the annual meeting Click here

Completed: Zone 3 added. New valves, meters, and regulators for zone 2 and 3.

Committee: Keith, Rod terry Marty, Evan Lurton.
DoH Licensed operator, Ellen Winngham,, CMNW, does testing and acts as liaison with the State.
System: Divided into three zones: Pressures are regulated and leaks have been identified.
Several planned outages occurred: for metering, valves, leak repair were done in 2010.
Testing: Monthly bacterial tests – passed; Inorganic compounds: Nitrates, Radon, Gross Beta, Gross Alpha, Radium 228, all below state limits.
This time of year HOA uses 19000 gal per day, which is better than the year before.

Annual Meeting pg 3


Dry Summers: Don’t water during the hottest part of the day. Most is lost to evaporation. Use timers, and water at off peak times between 10pm and 5:00 am. Walk your property and check for leaks!

Maintenance 2011 plans: Generator, well site, leakage

Generator: Propane unit will be installed in April-May. 500 gallon propane tank and piping. Much greater reliability, long term fuel storage, semi auto operation. Eliminates 24/7 manual operation.
Well Site Upgrade Completion: Pump house roof to be replaced, awning over generation wood structures to be painted.
Leak isolation and Repairs – goal is to reduce distribution leakages to less than10% this year.

VII. Lakes: Bob Liebling – 2010:

For more information and to view the 2011 presentation made at the annual meeting Click here
Developed maintenance plan at request of Board.
Lake four Lily pad infestation plan.
Hired labor to cut and remove vegetation during summer. Moderately successful.
Develop list of lake projects: Beaver deceivers, tear down beaver dam, plant tress, Install wire fencing, pull noxious weeks.
Lake survey: water sampling, winter lake depth.
Applied for permits
Lake survey continues, beaver deceiver work parties, water samples, work parties for dam demo and noxious weeks, establish lake oriented activites, herbicide treatment of lakes 3-4.
Plans: Explained lake drainage and Lake Size – Community Lake is 8 acres.

· Identify problems and look for solutions

Goals: preserve property value, protect water quality from becoming harmful, protect habitat, and develop community activities such as BBQs fish derby, toy sailboat regatta, teen activities, New Year Polar Bear plunge, kayak or canoe races.

Surveys: Identify plants, test water, survey lakes depths, locate wildlife

· Fecal Coliform Levels – lakes have different values – more research is needed

Control Alternatives for plant problems:

· Hand pulling by volunteers or paid labor. Mechanical weed cutters by consultant, chemical herbicides by consultant.

Lake Maintenance Annual Costs.

· 1st chemical treatment: $ 4165 plus 900 permit

· 2nd mechanical treatment $5250,

· Water tests $1040

Costs will decrease: Lakes can only be treated 2 out of three years.

Annual Meeting, pg 4

Presented photos of lakes conditions:

Aquatic plants are filling in lakes 5,4,3,2, so they are turning into swamps. Loss of oxygen means fish will die. Water flow is needed for healthy lakes.

Value of Lakes: Conservatively speaking, property value can be affected 8-10%, so 400,000 =$32,000-$40,000

“Cost of maintenance is high, but to not maintain is higher. What do we want? Let it fill in? Or active lakes”

VIII. Hospitality: Brenden Pecht

Greets new neighbors and gives materials.
Welcome letter developed

VIIII. Emergency Prep: Mark Anderson Next Drill: October 2011

Introduction and thanks to volunteers


Developed overall emergency plan
Sharpened the plan for the community to be as independent of the 911 system as possible
Had the community prepare for future emergency
Zone Meetings: 5 Zones have been set up. Let Mark know if more info needed.
Radio Meeting in 2010
2 Drills

2011 Plans:

What hazards can we identified, up to date fire ex, water distribution, knowing location of utility shut offs, how do we handle downed power lines.
Radios will be utilized more for other issues such as snow. Channel 14 is our community channel.
Fire Extinguishers: Must be large enough to handle the fire at hand. It must be available and working, fully charged. The operator should be familiar with it so reading directions isn’t necessary.
Types: Dry Chem multi purpose use

Halon: Gas for chemical reactions in burning fuel

Water: Class A fire only

Numerical ratings; Good one to have in the kitchen is a 2A10BC extinguisher.

Use: “PASS” Pull Aim Squeeze, and Sweep

Stand back about 8ft, squeeze the handle, aim at base of fire! After it appears to be out, watch it – it may re-ignite. Never turn your back on a fire. Make sure you have an exit.

VV. Volunteers: Ian Achzenick

Thanks to the board and committee chairs and members.
Sign up to volunteer on committees

Officers Nominations and Elections:

Tod Ray and Dave P. have agreed remain in their current positions.
Delainy and Tara will no longer be on the Board.
Board Meetings can be attended by anyone in the community.
Bob L. has agreed to run for Board position.

Nominations from the floor?

Positions discussed, and meeting times.
Sharon Ayers and Teresa Johnson have volunteered for secretary and Board.

VVI. Dues Increase: Rod Case

Old dues $86.19. 46.75 general, water 39.44.
84.5 lots pay general dues. Not all have water rights.
5 on Cedar Grove do not pay roads fees.
In 2011 we will receive 15,801.
Average Yearly Expenditures over the past 5 years: : 14,807
“We have met budget for 12 years”.
Dues increase is necessary now for increased roads and lakes maintenance, and basic infrastructure, legal, insurance, etc.
Expected budgeted costs: 30,450.
Monthly dues increase 14.45 per month. 129.53 per quarter.

Discussion by members from the floor:

“We need dues increase for lakes and roads”
“Investing in the community is necessary!”
“Lakes desperately need treatment and the roads need attention now!”
“Road need to be paved! Lots of us are getting older and our ability to volunteer is diminishing. We need to be prepared to pay for these improvements. Four Lakes is a wonderful place and we need to invest to keep it that way.”
“We need to keep the quality of life good here. We can build up funds to not just maintain, but make it better. This is not a whole lot of money to preserve our future.”
“We need to protect our property values”
Roads are like a melting snowball melting. We need to step up! The Board has been very modes in their budget requests.

Call for community vote by ballot by those attending.

Motion passed 47-0. 45 votes were needed fro a quorum.

Meeting Adjourned.