Security Chair is Open
Committee members are: Bob Jones, Pranav Niak

The committee is responsible for all matters concerning the safety and security of our community. They are responsible for our community block watch effort. It also acts as a focal point for gathering information about security issues that arise in the community.


Presentation for 2023 Annual meeting

The Security Committee looked at a new camera system for Four Lakes, but the cost was more than the board wanted to approve now. We currently have a camera system, but it doesn’t work as well as we would like. We will continue to look at camera systems that are more affordable and that will give us what we are looking for. If there are any security concerns, please contact Don.

Presentation for 2021 Annual meeting

Don Sikes has recently agreed to take on the role of chair of this committee. He is just in process of becoming familiar with potential projects. The committee does plan to finish installation of the security cameras that were purchased earlier. They also intend to install a metal gate at the entrance to the parking lot. It is felt that this along with the new lighting that has already been installed should minimize unwanted activities.

Presentation for 2019 Annual meeting

Without a committee chair during the year there was no presentation. Lacie Thompson has now volunteered to chair the committee and carry on the work previously done on a block watch program.
She will also explore other options to enhance overall security in our community.

Presentation for 2018 Annual meeting

Jason discussed several elements and common sense things we can all do to improve security throughout the community. Click HERE for Jason’s presentation