Water Meter Readings

As part of our commitment to ensuring the efficient functioning of our water system, the Water Committee will be conducting its annual meter reading on May 19, beginning at 9:00 AM.
We are reaching out to extend an invitation to all residents who are interested in learning more about our water system or who simply wish to lend a helping hand. It’s a straightforward task that offers a fantastic opportunity to actively engage with our community here at Four Lakes.
Volunteers will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the infrastructure of our water system, including the locations of valves and meters, all while contributing to the vital task of calculating leakage. There’s no digging involved—just a collaborative effort to move through sections of our neighborhood and record readings from each home’s meter.
Your involvement makes a difference. By joining forces, we not only ensure the smooth operation of our water system but also strengthen the bonds within our community
If you’re interested in participating or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here on Facebook or call me. Number is listed on the neighborhood directory that was recently passed out in mail boxes.
Thank you for supporting our community. We look forward to seeing you on May 19th!
See you soon,
Pat and Mark,
Co-Chairs of the Water Committee