Notice of Annual Meeting

Wednesday, April 24, 2024
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Via Microsoft Teams
AND in Person at Dave Spencer’s Garage, 24025 SE 162nd St

Dear Neighbor,
There is one time a year that our community assembles to talk about what’s happened, where we are, and what happens next: the Annual Meeting.
Our community does not run itself. Every time you drive down one of our roads, turn on a faucet, or enjoy any of the community amenities, our neighbors are making it happen. So, please come to the meeting, consider volunteering, discover how all the pieces fit together, offer your ideas, and thank the volunteers that make Four Lakes a great place to live. Everyone is welcome! However, only members who are in “good standing,” current with their dues, may vote.
Items that will be included in this year’s agenda:

1) Short committee reviews regarding the past year, future plans, upcoming budget.
2) Q&A.
3) Community comment and/or suggestions to the proposed 2024 budget.
4) Board Member nominations and elections.

We eagerly look forward to members’ input and your participation at the meeting.

Board of Trustees:
Sharon Ayers, Marc Sanders, Curtis Murchison, Dave Prochazka, Keaton White,
Vivienne Gevers, Pauline Bruce

NOTE! WE HAVE FIVE (5) OPEN BOARD POSITIONS (three members are running
for re- election and there are two open positions)…PLEASE CONSIDER PUTTING