Phase 1 Paving Schedule.

In an executive session last Thursday, The Board approved a motion to extend the Phase 1 road project to cover most of the loop road instead of the initial plan to cover 2/3 of the loop road. Please review the details below to see how the schedule will affect you. There is a link to the map below.

4 lakes community road replacement Phase 1:

Washington State Paving will be staging large equipment on Monday September 11, understanding that they need to stay clear of garbage trucks. Work will begin on Loop Road starting September 12.

Day 1 will be road grinding and preparation, followed by paving on Day 2 and a 24-hour cure time, allowing driving Thursday evening. Thursday grinding will begin on Hill Road, with Paving on Friday and 24-hour cure time, allowing driving by Saturday evening.

Work will begin on Hill road starting 9-13. Potential to shift depending on Loop road progress.

  • Emergency Access will be available use the emergency gate at the back end of our community, it is a rough dirt road, but does provide a way in and out for emergency use. Map below.
  • Pre-work, a drain will be built on the side of the road on Monday 9-11, every effort will be made to allow continued access using this road for the pre-work.
  • Day 1 (Wednesday 9-13) will be road grinding and preparation. No ability to use the road during this time.
  • You will be able to use the road after 5pm on Wednesday 9-13 up until 6am on Thursday 9-14.
  • Day 2 paving. Road will be inaccessible starting at 6am on Thursday 9-14.
  • Day 3 – 24 hour cure time, driving on the road allowed at 5pm on Friday 9-15.

Failure to adhere to the 24hr cure time will take years off the life expectancy of the road. There is an outside chance that work could stretch past the outlined time and go into Saturday, but WSP assures me that would only happen if something unforeseen comes up.

Road work is scheduled to start by 7am each morning and targeted to complete by 7pm. Please ensure that you have a plan for the road to your house being closed for the time of road construction to include the following as well as anything not listed.

  • Make sure you have a plan for emergency transportation, leaving a car in the lot up front or at a neighbor’s house in an unaffected area.
  • Have a plan for getting your kids to school and yourself to work.
  • Ensure that your trash cans and any other items are not on or near the road.
  • Get your grocery shopping done on Monday!
  • Deliveries to your house are not possible during road construction and cure time for the areas outlined on the Map on Loop Road and Hill Road.
  • Have your deliveries delivered to another address, pick them up at the warehouse location or delay their time of delivery.

MAP of Phase 1 Paving.