Four Lakes is looking for a few good people!

Each year at the annual meeting, we elect / re-elect three (3) people to the Board of Trustees. This year the open positions are presently held by Mark Somnis, Dave
Prochaka, and Bob Liebling. These Trustees, or Board Members, serve three-year
terms. In general, the Board is responsible for managing the association. (See the By Laws & the Covenants, Conditions and Restriction for a full description of the
responsibilities of the Board.) The biggest commitment is attending a meeting each month, typically for about two hours. If you are interested, please contact Keaton White or any other Board Member, to discuss the position and to have your name placed in nomination.
We are also looking for people who would like to help on the committees. The
committees are where the improvements and maintenance of the community occur. We need people to contribute their thoughts and efforts. Please consider volunteering and signing up at the annual meeting or calling a board member to do so. Committees actively soliciting helpful new members are: Entertainment, Community Property and Nominating —however all listed committees can use your help!


  1. Vote by US Mail – Print the included ballot and drop in the mail.
  2. Vote via Email –Complete the included ballot and email it back to
  3. Vote in person – Print the included ballot, mark it and return it to the Four
    Lakes mail box at the entrance to Four Lakes
  4. Vote in person – Print the included ballot, mark it and return it at the
    Annual Meeting. No votes will be physically counted at the meeting.

Ballot is available here