Algae Bloom on Osprey Lake

I wanted to notify the 4 lakes Community about a potential health risk on Osprey Lake. We just had a lab report to identify the type of algae that is occurring on the lake over the last three summers. The lab has identified two of several algae types found as a “blue-green” type (Spiralina & Oscillatoria). These types potentially can produce a toxin that is harmful to humans and pets with prolonged exposure to it, or if ingested.

Therefore, it is not recommended that pets or people swim in the lake. It is mostly harmful if swallowed or it can produce a skin rash for people sensitive to it. That being said, I’ve floated on the lake during the last 4 summers, dangling my legs and arms in the water with no ill effects. Myself and other “Ospreyans” have spent hours scooping out the algae blooms during the last several summers with no ill effects as well.

We’ve treated Osprey Lake with an algaecide already and will continue to do this during the summer to try and control it. We will also test the algae in Eagle Lake to identify it before the Fishing Derby scheduled on Father’s day weekend.

The lakes Committee has worked for many years to ensure the safety, quality and sustainability of our lakes for the Community. During the past two years I have worked to get a more environmentally safe solution to this algae problem. The purpose of the aerator device that is planned to be installed on Osprey Lake is to control and hopefully eradicate the algae blooms we’ve been experiencing.

Bob Liebling, Lakes Committee Co-chair.