2015 May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
May 21, 2015
Home of Terry Deschenes, 7:00 pm


Rod Case

Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Evan Lurton

Diondra Miles

Dave Prochazka

Discussion on the new proposed reader board. Terry had drawings of a proposed design for a 4 x 6 sign board for review by the board. Proposed location was by on the public property between Paula‚Äôs and Lake Horrocks. Estimated cost was $550. Concern was expressed that the sign might be too large, looking a little more commercial than we might wish. After further discussion with agreed to mock up a sign that was 3×5, using cardboard or such and see what everyone thought. We agreed that it would be better to replace the current map/bulletin board, rather than placing it in the proposed location. Terry to produce the mock up and solicit opinions.

Rod reports all normal in finances. Rod suggested that it might be a good idea to investigate email billings. Our accounting program apparently allows for this process to occur. All agreed it was a terrific idea to pursue. Which Rod will do.

Marty discussed upcoming plans for the work party. Main focus will be on upgrading the entrance sign. Evan will do work on laying water line to the new pumpkin patch.

Evan discussed efforts to install additional water meters. Marty and Keith Renfrew had dug up three vaults on the loop road, leaving several more that Evan, Rod and Matt Wells will handle. Evan went on to recognize Marty with a special trophy recognizing his uncanny ability to locate easy to find water lines. It was pointed out that Marty was the first two-time winner of this prestigious award.

There was a discussion of the auction (occurring today 5/22) for the Olsen property being conducted by HUD. Minimum bid was set at $191,000. Apparently this property has the well for the Jaeger and Miles properties. We concluded to our surprise that there were 3 separate well systems, beyond the community well system. The Anderson, Mulqueeney, Trumbull and Ward system and a system for Bruce, Cobaugh, Brown.

Steve reported that Ben at King County Noxious Weeds has confirmed that what he found in Bufflehead/Lk5 is indeed duckweed. Ben told Steve that it hasn’t been a big problem in the county. The weed hasn’t been spreading much since we started watching it, and has not yet been found downstream. Steve believes WDFW is convinced to let us stock more grass carp as a control measure. Hopefully this will be an effective alternative at under $1,000 vs $1,000 per acre (x 4A) for a fluoridone treatment. We will keep existing budget funds available in case the herbicide becomes our only choice.

Evan has generously volunteered to make some nice routed wood name signs for the lakes.

Next meeting was set for June 18th.