2014 September Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2014
Home of Terry Deschenes, 7:00 pm
Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Marc Sanders

Dave Prochazka

Rod Case

Mark Anderson

Nina Hufford

Brian Thompson

Evan Lurton

Tom Norton


Janelle Wells

Matt Wells

Steve Scott

Nicole Wittren

Mark Somnis

Megan Somnis

Diondra Miles

A. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

B. Committee Reports
Treasurer: Rod Case

Went through the financial reports in depth for the guests who joined us this month. The board voted to move the latest expiring CD funds to our mutual fund, which has done well, up over 15% this year. Also explained briefly our late payment process.

Highlighted recent work within the Community Property, Lakes and Water budgets.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

The bus shed and storage shed along with hand rails at the bus stop have a new coat of paint. Also installed new carpet on the bus shed and leveled it. The gazebo post got another coat of clear wood finish. The gazebo roof is in need of replacement – perhaps over thirty years old. Have one bid on a new roof. Recommend keeping the Sanikan in place through the end of October for the Fall Community Event.

Reminded the guests about our website, www.four-lakes.org, and Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/360936537382229/.

Water: Evan Lurton

May be time to set up a tour of the well property soon – will get an announcement out via Facebook. Provided an overview of the well property and equipment. Very clean system and clean water in the well, just perfect hardness, tested monthly by the state for bacteria and more extensively yearly. Recently had a positive monthly test, but the retests were clean. If we had failed, it would have required us to inform all residents to boil water until the source of the issue was determined. Highlighted the need to make sure the zone captains are ready to sound the alarm.

Conducted another regular measurement of the well water level, which again showed steady as usual (approx. 170 ft. static water level). Have some ancient notes (from 1968) that indicate the water levels have changed very little since then.

Continuing to install meters and updated boxes at each residence over the course of several years, complying with a state mandate, making repairs as needed in the old valves. Reminded residents to be mindful of any standing water or indications of leaks. Also hoping to recruit more volunteers to help with the digging to prep the vaults for removal. Encouraged new people to consider joining the water committee to pass on the legacy knowledge of the system.

Lakes: Steve Scott reporting for Bob Liebling

Great to have new members on the Lakes committee this year, spreading the work. The team has done quite a bit: fenced 20 trees in the community property to protect against beavers (please let the committee know if you notice chew marks on your trees), planted 500 trout in all of the lakes (except the most southerly lake #5 which is left alone as a native preserve), planted 20+ grass carp in all of the lakes (helps reduce the need for weed killing when the lakes get choked), renewed the permit for herbicide treatment (although haven’t needed to treat), encouraged residents to have their septic tanks tested every five years (protects against contamination of the lake water), did some maintenance on the beaver deceivers. The big lake near the entrance (like most of the lakes) averages about 4 ft. deep, which makes them susceptible to getting marshy.

The lakes add about $2 million to our property values, and support herons, osprey, bald eagles, golden eagles, geese, ducks, beavers, and many other species. Suggested residents can use coyote silhouettes to eliminate the geese, if needed.

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

No report.

Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

Explained the zone markings on the map. Will be scheduling an emergency drill later this fall (more info forthcoming from zone captains). Have been able to handle any non-life-threatening events in the past few years without calling 911 (ice storms, wind storms, power outages, etc.). Recommend getting home fire extinguishers if you don’t have one (near your furnace, in the kitchen, another one in the house), and test regularly (by turning them upside down and listening for the contents to gently sprinkle down inside).

Roads: Tom Norton

Has been in the community for 36+ years, since there were gravel roads. The original pavement was put down “thin” so we’re trying to keep them operable as long as possible (don’t have a lot of budget available). Also try to keep the blackberries and other weeds cut back throughout the year. May buy two additional hedge trimmers to handle the areas that are not maintained by the residents at those locations. Happy to have additional members join the Roads committee if interested.

Will check on the stream coming down the hill toward 239th Ave to make sure it still has a solid creek bed of rock.

The Board supports the Roads committee doing the work necessary to open up the access path (community easement) to lake #6 (path is completely overgrown); advised the committee to notify the adjacent neighbors in advance.

Entertainment: Nina Hufford

Planning a fall festival for October 25th. Will have hay rides, apple bobbing, and hopefully a live string band.

Requested an increase in the entertainment budget. It is currently $800 and request an increase to a total of $1700 for the rest of 2014. Would also like the board to consider a new budget of $1500 for 2015.

Currently have $472.92 left to put on the Fall Festival. This year, the egg hunt cost $262.04 and the garage sale $65.04. Have a lot of new, young families that moved into our community and trying to invent some new opportunities for us to gather and build unity. Would like the Fall Festival to be the main event of the year. Fall is the start of the holiday season and everyone is in the mood to settle in, focus on family and enjoy the change of seasons. It is a great time for fellowship. With the help of volunteers, would like to make it something our community looks forward to every year.

Also thought of other events for the Fall and Winter: “Four Lakes Turkey Bowl,” a football game in the community field on Thanksgiving morning, and Christmas caroling on December 23rd, all proceeds benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Ultimately, would like to have more and more events that rely mostly on the volunteer efforts of our community, but need to lay the foundation with the supplies required for each event as well. Some items will have to be purchased every year, like signage and perishable items, but others can recycle each year, like decorations and plastic eggs. This year, starting from scratch and really need some more funding to make it what it should be. Was great to see over 50 children participate in the egg hunt, and the Fall Festival needs to accommodate many families and their extended families. Planning on ordering 60 pumpkins to decorate. The biggest ticket item that is really increasing the budget is the string band. Really feel this will add a great energy and entertainment to the event. It will give everyone somewhere to gather and focus.

Mentioned some concern about community liability for injuries at events; Terry will check with our insurance agent to better understand how/whether we are covered.

Here’s what is requested for funding entertainment for the remainder of 2014:

Fall Festival:

Pumpkins for decorating


Paint/Art supplies, decorations


Live String Band, 3 hours




Cake Walk


Apple Bobbing supplies


Hot Apple Cider


Turkey Bowl:

T Shirts $10-13 per participant


Christmas Caroling:



For these activities, would need an estimated additional $900 for 2014, totaling about $1700 for this year.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the 2014 budget increase of $900.

Communication: Terry Deschenes

Need articles for the newsletter, including quick bios/snippets about any new residents that would be willing to share J. The Facebook page is used for other communications. The Board has an email list for official community notifications.

Legal: Terry Deschenes

Nothing going on right now.

Volunteer: Terry Deschenes

No report.

Gate: Brian Thompson

Starting to assemble a committee of people to put together formal proposals for the options for an entry gate (and gate service). Want to be prepared to formally present proposals to the annual meeting in March.

C. New Business
Sharon Hatcher assembled an informal Trails Committee and conducted maintenance on the trails to the southeast of the well location (see enclosed map of the existing trails in our area). The event was a big success, and she will plan to continue doing this maintenance work.

The board discussed whether this should be a formal committee – no decisions yet.

The next general meeting is scheduled for 23 October 2014 at 7:00 pm at the home of Terry Deschenes.

–Marc Sanders, Secretary