2014 May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2014
Terry Deschenes

Bob Liebling

Marty Johnson

Brendan Pecht

Marc Sanders

Mark Anderson

Dave Prochazka

Rod Case

Evan Lurton

A. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the annual meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer: Rod Case

Most yearly bills are paid. We’re in good shape, budget-wise. Went through the financial reports, and there were no questions. Of the people who are in arrears, we have started collection proceedings against the person furthest behind, who owes over $2200 at this point (over half is legal fees and finance charges). The lawyers have sent demand letters to the other three people who still owe. There have been some responses from the recipients, including establishing payment plans and liens. All four people have paid their real estate taxes.

Rod received a phone call from someone in King County about the bus stop permit renewal. That person didn’t think it made sense for us to continue paying this fee, but nothing has changed so far.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

Have a new person mowing lawns this year, $100 each time. Have had two events at the gazebo, including the Easter egg hunt. It was suggested that we put together a little note for people who reserve the gazebo. Marty will write it up, and Bob will forward to each person who requests a reservation.

Lakes: Bob Liebling

Planted fish; went well. Planning the first meeting with the new committee in the next couple weeks (five people helping this year). Several projects planned for the year: beaver deceiver cages in lakes 5 and 2, water testing samples, survey of plant types on lake shores, and checking lake depth at 3-4 points on each lake 1-5. Will check on a report of a blockage in the creek coming down into lakes 2 and 6.

It was suggested that we could name the lakes, instead of referring to them by numbers. Perhaps we’ll include this in the next newsletter.

Water: Evan Lurton

Not a lot to report. Not as much work being done this year. Owe an annual report this year in July. Will continue to monitor the well depth and the drawdown each month.

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

Have five welcome baskets ready to go. Have determined the amounts of road markings required this year. Will be doing the road markings on Monday.

Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

Will get some new CERT packets for the new residents.

Roads: Tom Norton

No report.


No report.

Communication: Terry Deschenes

No report.

Legal: Terry Deschenes

No report.

Volunteer: Terry Deschenes

No report.

C. New Business
Discussed what to do about the next newsletter. Need to provide an update to everyone on the mailbox issue and the proposal for a gate. Will start working toward one over the next two-three weeks.

Brian Thompson submitted quotes for a gate system and the associated paving required. There was discussion about the associated maintenance and servicing costs, along with concerns about whether it would continue to work on snow days. The board also talked about the problems we’re trying to solve with a main gate. The board recommended that Brian create a Security committee to investigate further and to come back to the board with a recommendation.

The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 19 June 2014 at the home of Terry Deschenes.