2014 January Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2014
Mark Achzenick

Rod Case

Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Brendan Pecht

Marc Sanders

Bob Liebling

A. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer: Rod Case

Reviewed the financials… good move so far with the Schwab account.

AR is down and manageable… almost everyone except about 8 accounts are fully paid up.

Will tentatively plan to put the 2013 surplus into Roads for 2014.

Roads: Terry Deschenes

Got a call from Scott Woods (paving contractor) about the peeling edges on the new patch. He’s coming back out to fix them.

Some neighbors are complaining about the “junk car lot” and the conditions of the roads. Terry invited them to come to the next Roads Committee meeting. He explained that the board typically doesn’t try to enforce CCR’s and instead encourages neighbors to discuss issues. Also, people are welcome to pursue a civil case.

Recent road repairs seem to be doing fairly well (Scott Woods will do some remediation as mentioned above).

General board consensus is that the roads are holding up. The committee has created a map of areas needing work. Plan to put more gravel on the road shoulders, with some patching as required.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

Will be trying some new approaches with the moles.

Also did some work on the bridge by the outflow. New neighbors Scott and Nina Hufford offered to put some treads on the slick bridge boards on the walking path. The Community Property community will cover the cost. The community will also study putting a bench in that area… have to determine whether we would have approval from the property owners to do that.

Lakes: Bob Liebling

Have not seen much beaver activity. Weeds don’t seem to be much of a problem right now, so don’t expect much expense for weed control this summer.

Will put a more subtle cage in Lake 2 if needed. One of the pipes on Lake 5 isn’t flowing properly. Our permit has expired, so a new one would be required if there is significant work again.

It’s been two years since fish were planted in the lakes. Might be time to add more trout and perhaps some carp again this year.

Bob anticipates one more term with the Lakes Committee, so he will start to train a replacement. J

Water: Evan Lurton

Rod Case, in Evan’s absence, reported that recent measurements confirmed the depth of our water source is about 170 feet on the main well. Will be doing measurements on the backup well in the next month (anticipated to be about 219 feet). The reservoir capacity is about 14,000 gallons.

Met with a guy from Foothills Water and are planning to acquire a backup pump/ motor/relay to make sure that we can swap out the main pump if it fails. Will order it and get it here so that we have it in hand and it can be swapped out within 24 hours if needed. Total cost will be about $7,000. Believe the current pump has been in place and operating for 14-15 years, so it’s getting near the end of it service life.

The recent failure during the windstorm was caused by a relay capacitor.

Rod also shared a story from the ‘70s where we had to negotiate with the county to add more houses at the time. Final agreement was to put in a second well (rather than a second reservoir).


No report.

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

Delivered a welcome basket to Scott and Nina Hufford and their three kids who just moved into the Benders’ previous house from West Seattle. He’s a structural engineer in downtown Seattle.

Communication: Terry Deschenes

Will need to produce a newsletter in advance of the annual meeting, hopefully with more details from Mark about his new job and his family’s plans to move to San Diego.

Would like to get an update on new people from Brendan and an update on Lakes from Bob, along with reports and updates from all of the committees.

Newsletter articles will be due to Terry March 1.

Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

No report.

C. New Business
Mark announced that his family is moving to San Diego, so he will not be continuing as President.

Set the date and location for the annual meeting on Thursday 20 March 2014 at 6:30 PM at the meeting room in the Issaquah City police station. Rod will include an announcement to everyone with the February billing updates.

The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on 13 Feb 2014 at the home of Terry Deschenes.