2013 September Meeting Minutes

Notes from Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday September 19th 2013

Held at Terry Deschenes residence at 7pm

Marty, Terry, Evan, Rod, Marc, Dave

Old business:

–June 20 mins approved.

Committee reports:

Treasurer – Rod Case

Have quite a bit in the bank right now. Did buy the mutual fund with the water funds on July 5.

Have not yet sent out the letters to those behind. Will send them out in early October if they’re still behind after September. Will be pushing more firmly for the person 4 years behind to at least pay the current amounts. All four people who are behind have been paying their taxes.

Rod raised a concern that most of our committees are well underspent for the year.

Roads – Terry Deschenes

Tomorrow afternoon, Scott Woods from Eastside Concrete is coming out to give a quote on the hill where the springs are coming through. The Loop Road also appears to need a lot of work, and Scott will look at that, too.

Still have some patching to get done.

Evan also suggested that we could ask the County about the best way to address the drainage problems. Our roads are County rights-of-way, but not county roads.

Water – Evan Lurton

Have wrapped up the plumbing work for the year. Will have about half of the neighborhood done in a couple more years. Of all the residences done so far, only a couple have minor leaks on their properties.

Community Property – Marty Johnson

Swing set is painted, and added a new top. Lawn mowing has gone well… might do one more next weekend.

The damaged Sanikan has been replaced.

The tractor was damaged during recent land clearing, so have some bills for that, around $175.

Haven’t done anything major for the moles this year.

Need to get some railroad ties to repair the bus stop steps.

Lakes – Bob Liebling not present, no report.

No new info or changes

Emergency – Mark Anderson not present, no report.

No new info or changes. Dave will check with Mark to see when he would be available.

Hospitality – Brenden Pecht not present, no report.

No new info or changes

Entertainment – committee chair open

No new info or changes


Next meeting tentatively scheduled for October 17th, 7pm.

–Submitted by Marc Sanders, Secretary