2013 November Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
November 21, 2013
Dave Prochazka

Mark Achzenick

Rod Case

Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Brendan Pecht

A. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved as discussed.

Treasurer: Rod Case

Updates to board by Rod on overdue account provided.

CPI increase is 1.1%, will be applied to dues as normal adjustment.

Board discussed whether we should change the current 12% interest rate being charged for overdue charges. Board agreed to keep this amount for anyone in rears, but drop to 8% for a homeowner who has negotiated a payment schedule in good faith. This is intended to incent owners to establish a payment plan.

Rod expressed that we need to begin budget planning for committees. Need by first of January.

Roads: Terry Deschenes

Repairs have been performed to the hill road. French drains installed and are flowing water from under the road bed as desired. This work has taken the roads committee years to develop toward a workable plan and effecting this work is much appreciated.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

New hasp installed on the shed, broken into over July 4th holiday.

Rod reported that the silhouette coyotes placed at High Cedar golf course has been effective at keeping geese clear on the property. Marty to consider whether to purchase for the community property.

Lakes: Bob Liebling

No update

Water: Evan Lurton

Flood lights replaced at well site. Positive reports for well site from power outage.


Markac left message for Sara Summercorn and successfully contacted Jennifer Shuck who is willing to co-chair to establish leaders for this committee.

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

Welcome baskets made, but awaiting delivery for three new home.

Communication: Terry Deschenes

No need for communication at this time, likely next for annual meeting

Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

Ice Melt – motor replaced on spreader, have supplies for two applications

D. New Business
Markac contacted the owners of the new home being constructed behind the Nau’s property to ask if they plan to do repairs on the T established at the end of the Four Lakes roadway and determine their intent on establishing an agreement for payment on Four Lakes road use. Spoke with Mike Ahlstrom the owner of the home under construction and confirmed that they do plan to re-grade the road once heavy construction is complete. They also wish to sign a like agreement as the Park’s to pay for roads use.

The next general meeting will be at 7:00 PM on Jan 16th, 2013 at the home of Terry Deschenes. There will be an update via email between board members by or around Dec 19th to represent any business needed for this period.

Marty, Dave, Bob are board members who have terms expiring