2013 May Meeting Minutes

Notes from Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday May 16th 2013

Held at Terry Deschenes residence at 7pm

Mark A., Marty, Terry, Evan, Rod, Marc, Brenden

Old business:

Need to create some minutes from the annual meeting. Mark A. will create and Rod will post.

Committee reports:

Treasurer – Rod Case

All savings accounts are set up. Do we want to invest in another CD or in the market or ? The larger of the water funds is maturing. Terry moved and Marc seconded and it was approved that Rod will investigate some options and come back to the next meeting with some recommendations.

Still three traditional accounts of concern… One is now five quarters behind, and unless things change, Rod will contact the lawyer about putting a lien in place next month.

All annual expenses are paid up.

Roads – Terry Deschenes

The holes at the top of the hill on 241st have been patched. Still need a drain system to deal with the spring under the road, and ditching seems to be the best approach. Had a Roads Committee meeting to discuss the longer-term plan about how to spend the $25K in the budget. Terry is reading Guide to Pavement Maintenance now. May hire a consultant who can come out, inspect the roads, and help us develop a long-term plan. Marty will also talk to the guy who did his septic work and does some road work, too. Brenden will be striping the roads over the Memorial Day weekend.

Water – Evan Lurton

The plan this summer is to replace a few more vaults. Also may hire an underground radar person to help us find out where some of the unknown pipes are running because there are still some leaks somewhere. Evan will hire 2-3 kids from Passage Point to do some of the digging this summer on the vault replacement jobs.

Community Property – Marty Johnson

Ian has done some mowing lately. Terry will talk with a mole removal guy. The light at the bus stop has not yet been replaced. Keith Renfrew asked if the community could clean out the access to Lake 6. He has a church group that will come in and help. Marty will add it to the list. Marc Sanders had asked if he could remove the chain-link fence running from the berm (seawall) down towards Lake 2.

Lakes – Bob Liebling not present, no report

The kids fishing at Jake’s lake are apparently not residents, so Terry asked them to leave unless they are accompanied by a Four Lakes resident.

Emergency – Mark Anderson not present, no report

No new info or changes

Hospitality – Brenden Pecht

No new residents lately. Some houses on the market, but no sales recently.

Entertainment – committee chair open

No update on an official new replacement (Jennifer Shuck is a possible replacement). Mark A. will invite her to the next meeting to see if she’s interested in taking on the role.


Next meeting date scheduled for June 20th, 7pm at Terry Deschenes

–Submitted by Marc Sanders, Secretary