2013 March Meeting Minutes

Notes from Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday March 28th, 2013

Held at Terry Deschenes residence at 7pm

Old business:

Reviewed elections from the Annual Meeting held on Thursday March 7th. Welcomed Marc Sanders as a newly elected board member. He offered to serve as the board secretary for his term and this was accepted by the board.

Terry Deschenes confirmed that he has the updated contact list from the annual meeting and he will update the community phone list.

Committee reports:

Treasurer report – Rod Case

Rod provided printouts of the 2012 final balance sheet and 2013 proposed budget.

Terry requested an update on the road budget status.

Marty Johnson provided an update that a final mowing payment is due to Ian Achzenick with a total of 6 mowings performed over the year. Rod requested that in the future vendor billings need to be performed in a more timely period (within 2 months of service).

Rod provided a positive update on a phone call he had concerning the Nolet property past due amount. Though there was not date our amount committed to, there has been positive fiscal change and the board agreed to hold any further legal action and continue to monitor the situation.

Roads – Terry Deschenes

Plan for 2013 will include normal patching work with a focus on the hill road leading to the Ward/Mulqueeney residences. The roads committee will also revisit roadside repairs needed through the community where gravel needs to be placed and secured to protect the integrity of the road surface where vehicles often role off of the road.

Water – Evan Lurton not in attendance

Rod provided an update that he has contacted a geo thermal company to try to locate a key junction where a water leak is suspected in the community.

Community Property – Marty Johnson

A light has been reported as being burnt out on the pole in the parking lot. Discussion indicated that this light may be the responsibility of Puget Power to maintain. Marty will pursue.

A discussion on the mole infestation ensued. Terry indicated that he would follow-up with Rick Ward to find out if he is willing to offer his Rodinator device to keep these pests at bay.

Lakes – Bob Liebling

Bob updated that he will be ordering grass carp for a total of $150 ($15 each)

Discussed the beaver deceiver maintenance needed. Work to clear out dirt buildup will happen after water flow slows and lake levels drop in the summer. Bob will reach out to Monzoma Woods neighbors to inform of work scope and explore if they are willing to participate in the maintenance of the culvert work nearest their community.

The board recommended and supported having a company bid for this work as it is likely significant and too great of a burden on the committee to perform on the cheap.

Emergency – Mark Anderson

No new info or changes

Hospitality – Brenden Pecht

Update that Steven Bavarian (SP?) has purchased the Hoagensen residence.

Brenden welcomed the new neighbor who purchased the Vornay property located just outside of the community.

Update that the Bender property has an offer pending.

Update that the Olsen property may go to auction.

Entertainment – committee chair open

Board explored options. Marty Johnson followed up with Jennifer Shuck and found her to be friendly to co-chairing the committee.


Next meeting date scheduled for May 16th, 7pm at Terry Deschenes