2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Annual Meeting

March 7, 2013


Board Members

Present: Mark Achzenick

                Sharon Ayers

               Rod Case

Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Bob Liebling

               Brendan Pecht      

               Dave Prochazka

               Absent: Mark Anderson  

The annual meeting was held at the Achzenick’s property and called to order by President, Mark Achzenick at shortly after 6:30PM. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting; this motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

Committee reports:

Treasurer: Rod Case

Rod shared and reviewed the balance sheet and fiscal 2013 budgets.

Rod provided response to questions on the total Roads budget; total mowing’s performed at the main community property; an overview of properties with outstanding balances. He requested as well that bills be processed (especially for the contract mowing work) within a 2 month period. He requested that contracts in the future include stipulations to this affect.

Water: Evan Lurton (committee chair)

Evan reviewed the water health status for the Four Lakes well and water system most, but not all community members have rights to. He reviewed the plan for new meters as well as a response to the county on a water loss prevention plan.

Evan’s full presentation has been posted under the Water committee section of the Four Lakes web site https://www.four-lakes.org/

Roads: Terry Deschenes

Terry reviewed work performed in the last year.

He described recent and future work planned to address road bed damage and drainage on the hill road on 241st Ave SE as well as gravel to sure up the roadside along SE 164th Street as it descends toward 239th Ave SE.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

Marty described work performed on the community property including the replacement of the light on the parking area pole and mole eradication attempts performed over the year.

Lakes: Bob Liebling

Bob described the efforts to control noxious weed growth in the various lakes.

He described projects performed and planned to address the beaver damage being done to the lake ecosystem. Beaver deceiver deployments do appear effective to date allowing for the beaver population to remain stable while maintaining the desired lakes levels.

Entertainment: Committee chair position open

Emergency: Mark Anderson committee chair

No changes

Hospitality: Brenden Pecht

Brenden announced and welcomed new community members who have moved into the community over the recent year and gave updates on current properties under contract.

Board elections:

Terms expire for Sharon Ayers; Terry Deschenes; Mark Achzenick

Both Terry and Mark announced they will service additional terms and Marc Sanders was nominated. As this provided three candidates for three open positions a voice vote was performed with unanimous confirmation of all candidates as the result.

This concluded the business for the annual meeting for the Four Lakes Community Association.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM