2012 September Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Board


September 20, 2012

Attending: Bob Liebling, Brendan Pecht, Rod Case, Dave Prochazka, Marty Johnson, Mark Achzenick & Terry Deschenes


Treasurer: Rod Case reported very little to report! Rod reported that the past dues policy was functioning as designed. All past dues are under control: either paying on schedule or being pursued by the attorney. It was agreed to wait on calling to have the sanican picked up until Marty found out from Bo what his plans were for the Chili Cook Off.

Lakes: Bob Liebling reported that 500 trout would be purchased to be planted in all of the lakes. These would be 7 to 10 inch fish planed this fall. The board complimented Bob on the appearance of the lakes.

Roads: Terry Deschenes reported that patching work for the summer was complete and that the roads were in good repair.

Community Property: Marty Johnson reported that he and Keith Renfrew had completed their work refinishing the poles on the gazebo. The remaining task for this season is to have two dead trees taken down along Cedar Grove Road.

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht reported no activity at this point.

Water: Rod Case reported on behalf of Evan Lurton that preliminary steps to dig out the water connection vaults along 160th had been complete and that in the near future the new vaults and water meters would be installed for these locations.

New Business: There was a discussion of the recent robberies in the neighborhood. Topics discussed were putting in a video surveillance system, doing research on the web and contacting the sheriff’s office. Terry said he would do the research and make a presentation at the next meeting.

Next meeting was set for Oct 18th.

Submitted by,

Terry Deschenes