2012 May Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2012
The regular meeting of the Four Lakes Board of Officers was called to order at 7:00 PM at the home of Terry Deschenes by Mark Achzenik.

Bob Liebling

Brenden Pecht

David Prochazka

Evan Lurton

Mark Achzenick

Marty Johnson

Rod Case

Sharon Ayers

Terry Deschenes

A. Approval of Minutes
Minutes approved from last Board Meeting.

B. Open Issues
· Update on Parks property. Not in complete agreement. Email exchanges, exposed multiple property ownership thing seems to be a sticking point, not sure of the issue.

· Concern regarding properties not billed for roads. Bylaws do not stipulate that they need to pay. There are ten owners paying. Six association members on Cedar Grove Road are not paying for roads. There are 10 other properties that are not using roads and there are no houses on those properties. Several Association members have two properties are not paying for roads and have no billing for water. The financial impact to the Association would be $1800 per year less in income. The dual situation exists with people that do not have houses using our roads and lots that do not have houses. The Board will take this issue under consideration and try to find a solution that is fair to all. Next steps will be that Terry Deschenes will look at the CCRS and bylaws to see what might be involved in making a change and Rod will look at what it would take to make those changes and their potential impact with the goal being to apply the rule equally.


Treasurer: Rod Case

Receivables are down because most assessments have been paid. Concerns regarding one property resulted in the Board asking the lawyers to make contact with the household and we have working with the lawyers. The Board has not heard from the household since. Garnishment is moving forward. Some properties in arrears have paid their taxes and others have not. One household has made a payment demonstrating their willingness to work with the Board.
Insurance payments have been made, and materials purchased in preparation for the installation of the new meters. paid getting ready to do the meters.
Final voluntary payments from residents for use of the chipper $1,000. The bill was $2700. It is anticipated that more donations might come in. Our neighborhood really looked good compared to others and the Board felt the esprit de corps was worth the expense.

Roads: Terry Deschenes

With a break in the weather will do more gravel on the shoulders of the roads. Coal patch surveyor holes. Look at doing the cul de sac at the end of the road at Nau’s.

Water: Evan Lurton

Waiting for the weather before digging. Planning on a water meeting next week looking at equipment and one development. We hope to develop a prudent to plan for back flow prevention devices. Research showed that back flow was not the requirement of the purveyor (Four Lakes), rather it should be on the customer as it is on their property. If the department of health wants DCVAs the dept. of health can take that on with each individual home owner. The situation is that we will put in vaults, meters and a new shut off valve with no requirement as to how often the meters will be read.

Community Property: Marty Johnson

By pass trail cleaned up and ready for the mowing. Ian and Riley Nau got the mowing contract. Cut back some brush, mowing will be a little more than last year. Working on sanding the gazebo poles. There might be a couple of dead trees behind the swing set and there is a concern regarding liability and safety. Checked with Aspludh to see if they would remediate the problem if not done by next meeting the association might have to take action. Suggested to get bids and get it done. This month or next might get the rodenator. No action on wood chips yet. Some discussion as to what to do. Waiting for weather to improve before spreading them out for a trail, maybe 4 feet wide.

Lakes: Bob Liebling

We need to address the leakage on both ends of the dike on Lake 2.

Entertainment: Bo

No report

Emergency: Mark Anderson –

No report

Communication: Terry Deschenes

Newsletter in June

Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

Absent due to bereavement. Board voted to send syjpathies.

C. New Business
For the next meeting, phone tree? For water or other items.
Next Meeting: June 21, 2012 at Terryu Deschenes.

Minutes submitted by:

Sharon Ayers, Secretary