2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Annual Meeting

March 1, 2012


Board Members

Present: Mark Achzenick

Sharon Ayers

Rod Case

Terry Deschenes

Marty Johnson

Bob Liebling

Brendan Pecht

Dave Prochazka

Absent Excused: Co-President Ian Achzenick

The annual meeting was called to order by President, Mark Achzenick at 7:00PM. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the last meeting; it was seconded and unanimously passed.

Treasurer: Rod Case

Rod shared the balance sheet as of January 6, 2012. In response to a question, he explained the procedure followed in dealing with accounts receivable. Fifteen accounts are listed as “late pays”. Several properties are in foreclosure. Three accounts are way behind; two with liens and one property is on a payment contract.

Budget – projects that were planned in 2011 and 2012 have been accomplished or are underway. Income is lower than planned due to late pays. The dues increase took effect in May.

Expense Categories – We will spend about what was spent last year. At the end of 2011 $3100 remained unspent and the Board allocated this to savings for Roads. We are trying to save for the anticipated expense of re-paving a section of road which is estimated at $15,000-$20,000. It will take time to accumulate the funds needed for this big project.

Water – We received a refund on our propane expense and we sold as recycled scrap our old storage tank and wire from the remodeling of the pump house and installation of the new generator. The new generator and paint for the pump house were the biggest expenses last year. Replacing the service boxes is anticipated to be our next biggest expense.

Roads – Terry Deschenes

Terry introduced the members of the Roads committee and acknowledged their hard work and dedication.

o Terry reported that the Committee members agree that the Roads are in fairly good condition. Patching and filling potholes were some of the big projects they completed this year.

o Eleven thousand dollars is set aside for paving and refurbishing.

o Terry asked the community members present to comment on whether or not they would like to see the roads widened. Several residents made suggestions including building turnouts to allow cars to pass without driving on the shoulder of the road. One objection was that by widening the roads, it might increase driving speeds in the neighborhood. Complaints about trucks driving off the road were expressed and a suggestion was made to use gravel that we have on hand to reinforce the shoulder where needed.

o Terry shared that they are planning to build a french drain on the hill where an underground spring is undermining the pavement and where concrete blocks are in place. That work will commence when the residents up the hill dig ditches to locate utilities.

Water – Evan Lurton Full Presentation

Evan introduced the water committee members and then gave the following report:

o The community pays a private company to do the testing of our water. Test results continue to be good. We passed our monthly bacteriological tests along with the potpourri of tests for various compounds. This year there was a sanitary survey which we passed as well.

o Notable upgrades made by the water committee this year was the installation of the new generator and a five hundred gallon propane tank. As noted earlier, the old tank and some wire were recycled thus greatly reducing the cost for materials used for the pump house roof and new extension. Paint for the pump house was practically free as “oops” paint from Home Depot was used.

o This year the system made use of the new generator for six (6) days. This was due to a large branch falling on the reservoir. Zone 1 was without water for only one night and they were the only Zone that had a problem.

o The Department of Health won their court challenge and we will have to replace install water meters. It is anticipated that they will try to bill based on usage; but they are not saying that at this point.

o Please continue to conserve water this summer. We expect the need to conserve is behind the impetus to install the water meters, so the need to conserve will likely increase.

Community Property – Rick Ward

o Mole removal seemed to be effective. Exterminator had explained it was generally good for about 2 months. They are back but we got two months plus. We will continue the mole abatement in the spring.

o Bids for mowing the community property will go out in the spring.

o Sanikans will be brought back and wood chips will be spread over the low spots in the main park.

Lakes – Bob Liebling Full Presentation

Bob reported on the following 2011 accomplishments:

o Lakes were treated chemically twice in August. By September the results were visible. It is hoped that there will be no lily pads in the spring and we will treat once this year with a slow acting systemic herbicide.

o Two lake quality tests were completed to compare winter to summer levels of algae, fecal coli, septic runoff and fertilizer. Not much change was noted. All readings were under threat levels.

o We will install new trees and put wire fencing around them to protect them from the beavers.

o We received a permit from the county to install the beaver deceiver pipes on both the big and small lake. They seem to be working.

o Costs associated with maintaining the lakes ran approximately $8-$10,000 with $2,300 more spent due to the rental of a back hoe to dredge the lakes. The past Lakes budget was only $4,000 so it was wise to increase our dues.

o Goals for 2012 include continuing to improve the quality of the lakes, protecting the trees and improving the water quality. A lakes survey to inventory wildlife and plants. Purchase of new shoreline trees for shade. Re-stock the lakes with fish (not for the derby, rather for the health of the lakes and to continue to attract wildlife). Continue work on the beaver deceivers and chemical treatment of the lakes this summer.

Entertainment – Bo & Nina Cambern

o There will be an Easter egg hunt on April 7th and plans are afoot for a summer bash.

Emergency – Mark Anderson Full Presentation

Mark reviewed the goals which are to:

—Have a plan for community members to be prepared

—Support community in being self sufficient

—Conduct safety drills

o The committee has conducted two safety drills and educated the community on the need for fire extinguishers (and how to operate them). In addition, the community has been divided into color-coded zones with captains. The committee asks you to let your zone captain know how you can help and reminded us to be prepared and have a plan.

Three existing Board members (Mark Anderson, Rod Case, and Brendon Pecht) terms have expired. All three have volunteered to serve another 3 year term. The floor was opened for additional nominations, none were forthcoming. A voice vote was taken and all three candidates affirmed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM