2011 November Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting

November 17, 2011



Mark Achzenick
Terry Deschenes
Dave Prochazka
Rod Case
Bob Liebling
Brendan Pecht
Marty Johnson
Also attending: Bo Cambern

Treasurers Report – Rod Case

o Rod is currently working on assembling the budget for next year and has secured input from most of the chairs at t his time. Suggested a budgeting process that covers current expenses with the remainder being held until the year end, at which time it would be allocated out the various department savings accounts. To be discussed at next meeting.

o Two accounts are a concern: The first everyone is aware of and Rod has taken the necessary steps to protect the Association, but he was going to check to insure the taxes have been paid. Neither Rod nor President Mark have been able to contact the other party. Rod is going to place a note on the gate to their property, stating in the nicest manner that they needed to pay up or we would be forced to turn off their water or foreclose on their house – their choice!

o The question of the annual increase in dues was brought up. Inflation index was 2.7% for the past year. In light of the regular dues being increased substantially at last year’s annual meeting, the vote was unanimous to hold regular dues at their present level. With the current regulations requiring installation of water meters in the near future, estimated to be $35,000, it was also unanimously agreed to raise the portion deducted to water by the 2.7%.

Roads – Terry Deschenes

o Weather permitting, the committee anticipates doing one more load of cold patch on pot holes and shoulders.

o A Road Committee meeting was held last week at which the committee agreed that the road’s conditions did not require any major work in 2012. The budget should reflect continued repair work.

o Deicing the roads was discussed. Marty has secured a great source for the material, purchasing at a significant discount from his employer. Mark Anderson and Mark Achzenick have agreed to do the spreading work. The spreader has been purchased, but the controller apparently is faulty and a second controller needs to be purchased to allow installation on Mark’s truck or Mark’s truck. Areas to be treated were: the hill at the entrance, the hill coming up past Hoganson, the big hill of course, 239th on the top of the hill, and 162nd the hill up to the cul-de-sac. Trigger events will be developed as experience is gained with the material and applicator.

Water – Evan Lurton (Rod Case reporting)

o Continuing to work on the drainage problem in the new vault at the entrance to the Greening property. Expect to install a means to drain into ditch this summer.

o Water Committee meeting next week.

o All else working well.

Community Property Rick Ward (Terry Deschenes reporting)

o Mole removal seemed to be effective. Exterminator had explained it was generally good for about 2 months. They are back but we got two months plus. Will probably do again in the Spring.

Lakes – Bob Liebling

o County permit has been issued. Initial inspection by county approved work that had been done. Several issues were identified as needing additional work, which will be done in the next two weeks.

o The issue was raised whether it might make more sense to trap the beaver rather to continue to invest in projects to remediate the damage the beavers were doing. It was pointed out that at the current outrageous rates to trap beaver, we could have trapped at 30 beaver with the expense incurred this past year alone. Not to mention how many of our trees and weekends we could have saved. Bob made the case that the major work and expense had been occurred and asked to see what happened when the work was completed. The board agreed to go with Bob’s suggestion, at this time.

o The weed treatments in the large lake and lily pad treatment in Lake 2, were extremely successful this year. Bob pointed out that we could probably get by with one treatment next year. Everyone complimented Bob and his committee for doing a really great job.

Entertainment – Bo & Nina Cambern

o Bo suggested we reconsider continuing the fishing derby. He made a compelling case that the derby was extraordinarily expensive in comparison to other types of events that could be put on. It was pointed out that stocking the lakes with fish was one of the big draws to keeping our eagle population in the area. It was agreed that the derby be dropped and that the lakes committee undertake responsibility for seeing that the lakes were stocked with appropriate ‘eagle food.’

o Bo and Nina will work on alternative events that can be sponsored with the funds previously directed to the derby and present their plan at the annual meeting.

Hospitality – Brendan Pecht

o New neighbors have moved into the Groenveld-Meyer house (across from Deschenes). Brendan will make contact and welcome them to the neighborhood.

o It was suggested that new residents might be interested in seeing the well site. Brendan agreed to mention to new residents and let the water committee know if they were interested.

Emergency – Mark Anderson

o Drill was held with satisfactory results – the lame were made to walk, power lines were rerouted and large swaths of timber cut down – in theory anyway.

Rules & Legal Terry Deschenes

o The Association has asked our attorney to file a Memorandum of Restrictive Covenants with King County Records. This will provide additional protection for property sales and for lien collections.

Communication Sharon Ayers

o News letter will be needed prior to annual meeting. All committees were again asked to write up material for the newsletter and forward to Sharon.

New Business

o The date for the annual meeting was agreed to be in late February/early March – exact date to be set at next meeting.

o 2012 budget to be adopted at the next board meeting

Next meeting set for December 25th, following meeting to be January 12th, 7:00pm Deschenes home.