2010 November Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting,

Thursday, November 18th, 2010.

In Attendance: Terry Deschenes, Rod Case, Tara Bingham,, Tod Ray, Brendan Pecht, Dave Prochazka, Mark Achzenick, Mark Anderson, Bob Liebling

  1. Approval of September 2010 and October 2010 Minutes:
  2. Treasurer Report: Rod Case

There is 11k in our general savings account which is distributed this way: $7200 for Roads projects, $1800 for Lakes projects, and $2000 for Community Property projects. The Association is due another $11,000 before the end of the year. We should receive at least $7000 of that total when fourth quarter dues are paid by the community. Our water account has a total of $65,000 in it. This account is for maintenance, emergencies, upgrades and major repairs that may be necessary in the future and may only be used for water issues.

Long term past due accounts are now being handled by our attorney. Two of the properties are being foreclosed by lenders or the county for back taxes. There are also seven other accounts that are past due. Rod will send a letter, and if no response, he will contact the attorney about these accounts.

2011 Budget Projections: Rod gave estimates and indicated that they may change when all committee chairs have submitted their list of projects and the expenses that will be involved. There are several areas that we may be able to save in, but it would mean cutting maintenance and project costs. No cuts are recommended at this time.

Two areas that will definitely need more funding than in the past are the Lakes and the Roads. Both areas are under review by their committee chairs, who will present their plans and projected costs at the next Board meeting. Final plans requests will be discussed and voted on at the annual HOA meeting.

A dues increase is going to be necessary to address key issues such as major road repairs and lakes improvement. These two areas are important for the integrity and value of all Four Lakes property so they must be addressed. Sixty percent of the community must vote on this issue, and it will take 48 votes to pass a dues increase. This issue will be discussed further.

  1. Roads: Mark Achzenick

The committee needs a new chair person and more volunteers to make the needed projects happen. Some projects may be large enough that we will have to bring in professionals.

The new home being built near Nau’s may wish to be annexed into the Four Lakes HOA to access our roads. Mark Achzenick will contact the owner.
Four Lakes HOA Meeting 11/18/2010

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Roads, continued….

Glen Kitchin has dug a trench for his project, and needs a couple volunteers to help him finish putting in the culvert.

The project on 241st will be started soon. Shawn, Rick, Mark and Tom will put in cobblestones to address the water issues there. Bob Liebling recommended they use concrete bricks. Mark said he would look into it.

The Mark Achzenick said Wayne Bingham could go ahead get ice melt for the hill area and submit his receipts to Rod for reimbursement. The snow/ice issue is still under review. Current resolutions under discussion is purchasing Glen Kitchen’s plow, or the more likely solution of buying a spreader which was already budgeted for applying ice melt, to be pulled behind Mark Anderson’s or Mark Achzenick’s trucks.

  1. Water: Terry Deschenes

The water committee will meet next month to discuss the new propane generator for the pump house.

  1. Community Property

Rick Ward is willing to continue as chairperson, would like someone to take over the position.

  1. Lakes: Bob Liebling

A long term management plan has been sent to the Board for review and comments.

The dam at the lake by Jackson’s is the community’s responsibility. Bob will evaluate what work, if any, needs to be done on it next year.

  1. Entertainment: Terry Deschenes

Terry will talk to Delainy about his continued involvement as chairperson.

  1. Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

Emergency preparedness drill went well. Twenty five homes participated and more radios were distributed.

Mark said that he would contact A-1 in Kent about getting fire extinguishers for the community to purchase at a discount. He will give more information such as the cost to the Board at the next meeting.

Four Lakes HOA Meeting 11/18/2010

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  1. Hospitality: Brendan Pecht

Brendan has drafted a welcome letter to be sent out when new neighbors move in to the community.

  1. Volunteers No new business.
  2. Communication

· Terry will publish a newsletter in January about issues that need discussion at the annual meeting. Subjects include Cedar Grove composting, election of officers, and the Board’s long term plans for the community.

· Several board members will contribute articles for the year end newsletter.

The Future of Four Lakes:

Next Meeting: Sunday, December 26th, 7:00 PM @ Binghams.

January Meeting: Thursday the 13th, 7:00 PM @ Deschenes.

Annual Meeting date: Thursday, March 3rd – 6:30 at Achzenicks.