2010 January Meeting Minutes

Fourlakes Board Meeting January 12, 2010 pg 1

In attendance: Rod Case, Tara Bingham, Dave Prochazka, Tod Ray, Mark Anderson, Brendan Pecht, Terry Deschenes

December Minutes were approved.

  1. Treasurer Report: Rod Case –

No changes.

The lien process has started for Styskal. Mosey is paid.

The Volunteer Dinner cost will be deducted from 2009 budget.

  1. Roads: Committee meeting was postponed so that Glen Kitchin can attend.
  2. Water: Rod Case –

Back up well pump needs repairs. The motor must be replaced. Expenditure should be around $5000.

  1. Community Property

No new business

  1. Entertainment:

A new committee chair is needed. Terry will contact Kit Nau and Lisa Groenefeld-Meijer.

  1. Lakes:

A new committee chair is needed. Mark Anderson and Dave Prochazka will contact Mike Goza. Thank you to Shawn Mulqueeney for his years of service in this area.

  1. Legal/Insurance: Terry Deschenes

The Hold Harmless agreement with the Issaquah school district has been modified to include only damage to the roads. The agreement will be stored on the Fourlakes website.

Fourlakes Board Meeting January 12, 2010 pg 2

  1. Hospitality:

Need new chairperson for this committee. Brendan Pecht has volunteered for 2010. Holecheck and Jones need a visit! The Board wishes to thank Tom Price for his years of service in this area.

  1. Volunteers: Brendan Pecht and Tara Bingham

The recognition dinner is scheduled for Sunday, January 17th at 4:30 at Mandarin Gardens. Recruitment for new Board members and Committee chairs. Terry will be Board spokesperson. Volunteer of the Year award will be given at dinner.

A new chair person is needed. Thank you to Brendan Pecht for his past service in this area.

Two Board members are needed for 2010.

  1. Communication:

· Newsletter was sent out this quarter.

· A card will be sent to Lee Koger

  1. Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson

· More “Map Your Neighborhood” booklets are ordered.


  1. New Business

· The Board voted that Terry Deschenes will continue as President for 2010.

· Plans for the Annual Meeting were discussed.

  1. Scheduled for February 17th at 7:00 PM at Achzenick’s. Tara contacted Mark and informed him that the Board will reimburse him for refreshments served during the meeting.
  2. Meeting Agenda Notice and Proxy Statement will be mailed to community by Terry.
  3. Board Members will contact people in their zones to personally invite by February 10th, 2010.
  4. Agenda items were finalized.

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 18th at Deschenes home.