2010 April Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Board of Trustees Meeting,

Thursday April 22nd 2010

In Attendance:  Terry Deschenes, Rod Case, Dave Prochazka, Mark Anderson, Mark Achzenick, Delainy Strittmatter, Todd Ray, Brendan Pecht, and Steve Scott.

1.  Treasurer Report:  Rod Case

            All past due accounts are on payment plans with the exception of the property owned by C&A Financial Services. 

2.  Roads:  Mark Achzenick

        No significant change.

            Need a work party soon.

            Suggested to draft a list of what needs to be done so folks that can’t make the work date can start on their own.

            Brendan and Keith will paint the crosswalks.

3.  Water:  Evan Lurton

                        No change – meeting next week.

4.  Community Property

Mowing has started

Approved Mole Kit has been purchased

Terry has purchased video surveillance cameras and signs

5. Lakes

            Steve Scott presented an extensive report on the lakes with options that were discussed.  A community questionnaire has been sent out with the news letter to establish what the community wants for the lakes.  The Lakes Committee will make recommendations to the board.  Some of the costs of clean-up are:

            $8000 to have ½ the big lake mowed

            $1250/day for chemical treatment.

It may be possible to pump the algae off the surface of the lakes.

It was suggested that we leave the beaver alone until we get the state out to see his damage and potential for causing erosion.

The fishing derby is scheduled for 12-June-2010.  Steve will get fish stocking permit.

Next meeting date TBD.