2009 October Meeting Minutes

Fourlakes Board Meeting                             October 5, 2009                                  pg 1

In attendance:  Rod Case, Brendan Pecht, Tara Bingham, Terry Deschenes, Tod Ray, Tom Price

1.  Treasurer Report:  Rod Case –

  • Not many changes from June’s report except we paid $500 for a water test. 
  • CNA Financial was given notice that they are $150 behind in dues but so far we hasn’t received a response.  It may be necessary to let the Attorney contact them again, should the account get farther behind.
  • A resident recently complained about a $2 interest charge on a late invoice for dues; Rod reviewed the Bylaws which allow such an assessment with the resident, who promptly paid the past due amount but not the interest charge.

2.  Roads:  Rod Case –

  • Brenden Pecht replaced turtles this summer and used the weed burner. Total expenditure was $84. 
  • Roads committee met 10/04/09 to discuss the Loop Road (culdesac on 241st).  Todd Ray said that the city maintenance person he knows purposed a culvert to help the drainage problem. Glen Kitchen proposed digging a ditch on the East side of the road (2-3 ft) which would be filled with 4-6 inch rip rap.  The Board discussed both proposals and decided that more information was needed from the Roads committee.  Rod mentioned that the committee is concerned that special care be taken because of buried utilities.  Glen Kitchen, who will be doing the digging, will call the utility companies and have them marked. 
  • Potholes were also discussed at the Roads committee meeting.  Mark Achzenick’s father made some comments about the repairs being done right before any new asphalt is applied, and the Board agreed.  This matter will be discussed further after receiving more information from the Roads committee. 

The area near the Kitchen and Stritmatter residences are at risk for a flood during the wet season.  Tod Ray did some research and found out that FEMA’s definition of a flood plain is that that water must affect several properties. For that reason, it may be a good idea for anyone living in the area previously mentioned to consider flood insurance.  The Board decided that because several properties may be involved, as well as impacting the roads, this was a community problem that should be handled by the Roads committee.   Glen Kitchen priced 24” culverts to address the problem, but the cost was $4000.  Rod suggested Roads committee price two, 12” culverts to see if its more cost effective.  The Board suggested that the Roads committee insure that they have any necessary permits.  The Roads committee has the funds in their current budget to accomplish this task if they choose to; however, when the accumulation

Fourlakes Meeting                                            October 5, 2009                                  pg 2

method of creating a budget for future roads projects, utilizing these funds will create a shortage in the near future.  When it was indicated that the schedule for this project was next year, it was suggested that the road committee take this issue to the annual meeting to secure funding above and beyond the routine road budget. . 

  • Trees:  There was a recent incident reported to the Roads committee involving lowing hanging branches that damaged an RV.  Brenden Pecht asked where this incident took place, and it was determined that it happened at or near the Schaffer residence.  The Board discussed this issue of all trees over pavement being trimmed to 14 feet to avoid any more problems.  After discussion, Board members decided that this issue is something that should be discussed at the annual meeting, since it may be fairly costly to hire a service to do this.  For that reason the issue was tabled. 

3.  Water:  Rod Case –

  • The leaks discussed in the June meeting were repaired. 
  • Craig Anderson’s water flow is still to slow so the Water committee has purposed the installation of a third line.  However, the location of the current line is under the road, so that project has been put off until Summer, 2010.  Right now the  plan is to cut the line at Greenings and then put an additional pressure reducer on the lines that service the Brays, Holecheks, Ray and AndersonAll lines involved in the project will have to be carefully located and assessed first. 
  • Roof on well house has been postponed until Summer, 2010. 
  • The main well has a spare pump which is in good working order, but the second, older well (#2)that is used for emergency back up demand is high during the Summer months needs some work.  Evan is going to determine if the problem is wiring or something fixable. If not, an outside contractor will have to be brought in to pull the pump and motor out of the well for repairs. 
  • The broken waterline on the community entry road was successfully repaired and inserted into a steel pipe to protect it.  Nolet’s line break, which was losing a considerable amount of water, was also repaired.  Rod has noticed a small reduction in power costs for the system since these repairs were made. 

4.  Community Property: Terry Deschenes –

  • The Sanican is paid for until the 10th of October, 2009.  The Community Property chair was notified that it would be picked up soon after that.

Fourlakes Meeting                                            October 5, 2009                                  pg 3

5.  Entertainment:  The Back to School BBQ was held in September.  Weather was a factor in the low attendance.  The committee will discuss doing it again next year. 

6.  Lakes:  A weed cutter was purchased for $3000 and a group of volunteers worked on clearing ½ of the lake a few weeks ago.  It was very labor intensive, so this may not be

the best option for weed control, but it did help and the group plans to work on the second half of the lake in October.  Terry contacted Aquatech on behalf of Shawn Mulqueeney the Lakes committee chair,  to find out if more herbicide can be applied, but the company is not responding.  Terry then contacted a lakes maintenance consultant to find out how much it would cost to figure out a long term solution to the weed problem, which is cost prohibitive, so Rod is going to do some research at some local golf courses to find out how they maintain their lakes.  The search for resources capable of helping the lakes problem will continue.

7.  Legal/Insurance:  No new business

8.  Hospitality:  Tom Price was asked to welcome the Jones family, who bought Horrocks property. 

9.  Volunteers:  We are still searching for a new HOA President. Terry’s term will end this year.  Any interested residents should call a member of the Board. 

10.  Communication:  Terry Deschenes –

  • Newsletter will come out this quarter with information about video security, tree trimming, and the annual meeting.  Submissions should be sent to Terry via email.  

11.  Emergency Preparedness:  Remember to charge handsets and review your plans before winter!  Our frequency is “14”. 

12.  Passage Point:  Rod Case –

  • The original lawsuit filed by surrounding neighbors of the proposed site was resolved, but it has been appealed by the county.  The County told the YWCA to continue working on the project until the appeal process was completed.  The Advisory committee was officially dissolved. 

13.  Cedar Grove Composting:  Terry Deschenes –

  • The site was fined three times this summer for major violations.  The plan that Cedar Grove Composting is required to have their license renewed and they were required to file documents in May of this year.  After reviewing the document, Puget Sound air Quality sent the documents back to Cedar Grove requesting more information and clarification.  The communities’ opportunity to comment on their

Fourlakes Meeting                                            October 5, 2009                                  pg 4

license request has not occurred yet.  Overall the smell seems to be better, but not gone.  Residents are encouraged to keep calling and emailing Puget Sound Air Quality with odor complaints; it seems to be making a difference!

14.  New Business:  Terry Descheness

  • A Fourlakes resident complained about receiving the Issaquah Reporter and suggested that the Board call and ask that this paper be discontinued for the entire community.  The Board decided that stopping the delivery is up to individual residents. 
  • The King County Landfill sent out a notice to our community about public meetings that will take place regarding future plans for the dump.  The Board will not be officially represented at these meetings, but any residents that are interested are encouraged to attend. 

Next Meeting:  TBA – November 2009