2007 November Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

November 8th,  2007

In attendance:       Mark Achzenick, Mark Anderson, Terry Deschenes, Tom Price, Steve Scott

Guest In Attendance: Tara Bingham, Vicky Jackson

President Terry Deschenes called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. in his home.   

Minutes for October meeting were approved.

Shawn reported via telephone to Terry, prior to the meeting, that there had been no activity or change in finances since the last meeting. Shawn also requested that the board be involved in setting up the budget for the upcoming year, rather than leaving it to the treasurer to accomplish on his own.

Committee Activity:

Roads: Mark Achzenick, Chair

Mark has agreed to continue as Chair of the Roads Committee. No activity since the last board meeting.

Water: Evan Lurton, Chair

1)      Access road gravel laid by Rod/Marty/Keith/John Olson

2)      Lower access road cleared by Marty and John

3)      Plumbing at well site complete with meter incorporated.  Locked and insulated doghouse installed around new plumbing.  Currently logging well production and reservoir outflow rate. 

4)      S02 pump and 120VAC heater outlets wiring complete and conduit ditches mostly filled.

5)      New level control system in work and to be installed soon.  Will integrate all level control including bypass for emergency tank into one unit.

6)      Emergency back-up tank on order.  Installation ~early December.

In general, and outstanding team effort with very positive forward progress in 2007!!

Also, I would rather people not complain to King County/DoH about water-related issues until I have had a chance to resolve the problems (read Holocek issue).  We do not need the huge can of worms opened that gov’t involvement would represent.  They can complain to me or the board first.  No word from Holocek regarding board letter.  My plan is to advise them that they will have to revise their connection per my instruction at a later date, but that they are required to pay the hook-up fee and monthly dues effective immediately (per the memo).

I will continue as chair of the committee and manager of water system (DoH designation).  I am happy with the team we have assembled, and we can always enlist additional help, as required.  Primary goals for next year above and beyond routine maintenance are:

1.      Detailed planning for Roof rebuild.

2.      Demolish reservoir roof and rebuild probably in the May timeframe (Norton to demolish, H2O team to rebuild roof).

3.      Finalize configuration for street vaults and install the first two or three for evaluation.

Community Property: Rick Ward, Chair

The remaining project to be completed was gravelling the parking area. Rick will remain as chair if necessary, but would prefer that we find someone new.

Lakes: Shawn Mulqueeney, Chair

Shawn was unable to attend due to illness, but gave a verbal report to Terry via phone prior to the meeting:

1.    Permit from Department of Wildlife has been granted with the proviso that we place a latch on the steel gate of the beaver deceiver. Apparently the Fish and Wildlife guy thought the beaver was a super-beaver, capable of lifting the gate!

2.    Shawn has received the report so that the lakes’ condition can be compared to prior years’ surveys. This will be reviewed with his committee next week during their meeting.

3.    Grass carp will be ordered next spring.

4.    Will continue to work to develop long-term plan

 Entertainment: Kara Mulqueeney and Diana Price, Co-Chairs

1.      Thanks to everyone who came, ate and judged at our Annual Harvest Festival/Chili Cookoff – The Olson’s took first place!

2.      Come join the community as we light up the gazebo for the holiday season!  November 30th at 7pm we’ll “flip the switch” to light up Four Lakes (well the gazebo and maybe a tree at least) – enjoy the warmth of the fire, some cocoa and hot cider and the company of those who call Four Lakes home.

3.      Entertainment plans for next year include: the Annual Easter Egg Hunt in March, Annual Fishing Derby in June, and maybe a change of pace with the Harvest Festival and doing a combo Chili Cookoff and Back To School Movie Night or just movie night – looking into the cost, set up, etc. on this for early September.

4.      Our objectives would be to try and get some more community involvement in the activities and general socializing amongst Four Lakes as well as have fun and keep the youth and others entertained!

5.      We’ll both be staying on as co-chairs, we’d love committee members, to date, it’s been kind of a recruit as we go and need, so anyone who’d like to join, help out, come on board!

6.      Shucks – I forgot to add the November holiday lighting – see below – pending a conversation with Rick Ward about the lights, gazebo and tree that we could light as well…

Hospitality: Tom Price, Chair

No new neighbors

Volunteers: Brenden Pecht, Chair

Terry reported that Dave Prochazka has agreed to run for the board and Tara Bingham agreed at the meeting that she would. That leaves one board position, community property chair and some added volunteers for the entertainment committee to be found prior to the annual meeting. Terry will work with Brenden to accomplish this.

Communications: Steve Scott, Chair

Steve discussed the possibility of getting another newsletter out prior to the mailings for the annual meeting. A special meeting for passage point would make it clearly necessary, but there were a number of items he felt would warrant the effort.

Emergency Preparedness: Mark Anderson, Chair

The first meeting of this committee was held and great progress was made. Plans are well under way to map the neighborhood for resources and needs in the case of an emergency. The neighborhood has been broken into areas that will each hold a meeting in the next 6 weeks to accomplish that. Our neighborhood is well endowed with knowledgeable people on this issue, with Debbie Berto, Debbie Hoganson, Tom Norton as being CERT trained. Rod and Lynette Case are currently taking the course. And of course Mark is a Bellevue Firefighter.

Legal: Terry Deschenes, Chair

There is nothing to report in this area which is good news! 

Old Business:   

·        No word from Evan on the letter to the Holeceks.

·        A discussion of the YWCA’s Passage Point at the old Cedar Hills Alcohol Treatment Center followed. The consensus that resulted was:

1.      This is a ‘done deal’ with the county council’s vote on Monday. Our best course of action at this point is to get involved with the ongoing process to address our concerns.

2.      That the association continue to remain neutral in any dispute and  continue in its efforts to facilitate a meeting with the Y and other stakeholders in this project.

3.      That a strong effort to lobby Metro could well see bus service extended to Cedar Grove Road.

New Business:   

No new business was brought up for discussion.

No date was set for the next meeting. 

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.