2007 May Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

May 9th,  2007

In attendance:       Mark Anderson, Rod Case, Terry Deschenes, Shawn Mulqueeney, Brendan Pecht, Tom Price

Not In Attendance:    Mark Achzenick, Kit Nau, Steve Scott

President Terry Deschenes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at his home.  Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. 

Shawn passed around a financial report and said that there have been no unplanned expenditures.   Shawn also asked for approval to open up a money market account at BECU and move our saving money into it.  The money market accounts are getting a much higher interest rate.  Approval was given by the Board. 

Committee Activity:


There has not been a committee meeting yet this year.  However, several Board members did report that the pickup that has been in parked on 168th for several years was removed.  Although no one knows for sure it assumed that the Van Cleaves took this action as requested in our letter to them. 


Rod reported that Evan, Keith, Marty and himself spent a morning at the well site exposing water lines and valves.  Now that the pipe and valve placements are better understood Evan has drawn up a plan for installing the flow meter.  His plan also includes suggestions on how to include the old steel tank as a reserve reservoir. 

The committee is also making plans on how to replace the roof on our current storage tank.  The first step is to thoroughly clean out the steel tank and make it ready to take on the storage duties while the main reservoir roof is being replaces.  Rod and Keith have volunteered to clean out the steel tank. 

Community Property:

This committee had its first meeting recently.  Several action items were addressed:

1.      It was felt that the gazebo roof may not need to be replaced at this time.  Although there are a few small leaks, it is felt that replacing some shingles may resolve that.  We will also thoroughly clean and treat the entire roof.

2.      We now have a contract for mowing the community areas and it has been done at least once already. 

3.      Other activities such as adding gravel to the parking lot, replacing several of the telephone poles, and installing the new bulletin board are being worked on. 


·        Fish have been put in the lakes and are ready for the June 16th fishing derby.

·        Grass eating carp will be placed in 3 of the lakes in early June.  They come in boxes of 5 carp for $15 per box.  We are getting 3 boxes.

·         Mark A. and Shawn are working on a “beaver deceiver” to be placed at the culverts on the main lake. 

·        Now that the weather is warming up the company that will be doing a survey of the lakes should be able to do their thing soon. 


Tom had nothing new to report at this meeting.


Terry reported that Kit has informed him that she is going to resign from the Board and the Volunteers committee.  She is so busy with other things that she just can’t take the time to participate in these Community things.  Brendan said he is willing to be a part of the committee but is not comfortable in chairing it.  The Board will look for a replacement for Kit. 

Diana Price and Kara Mulqueeney have volunteered to take over the Entertainment committee. 

No one has yet stepped forward to take over the Treasurer duties from Shawn next year.  We will continue looking for his replacement. 


Steve has collected a lot of good input for the first newsletter of the year.  Unfortunately, his wife has been having some health issues and Steve will not be able to get the letter ready in time to mail out with the 2nd quarter billing.  It was agreed that the newsletter will be sent out as a separate mailing as soon as Steve has it ready to go. 

Emergency Preparedness:

The committee has not yet met.  Mark will contact Debbie Hoganson and try to get something going. 

Old Business:   

As noted above, the abandoned pickup has been removed from the well road. 

New Business:   

There was some discussion about community records.  There currently is no formal procedure defining what records must be kept on a long term basis and where they should be stored.  We know that a number of people have what might be deemed critical information.  The Treasurer has all financial records, the secretary has meeting minutes and some correspondence, the Water chairman has maps of the system and other critical information, the President has various correspondences and other information.  Each member of the Board was asked to think about what should be kept and how it should be stored.  This will be discussed at the next meeting.    

The next meeting was set for 7:00 PM  on June 13th at Deschenes’.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.