2007 June Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

June 13th,  2007

In attendance:       Rod Case, Terry Deschenes, Shawn Mulqueeney, Brendan Pecht, Tom Price, Steve Scott

Not In Attendance:    Mark Achzenick, Mark Anderson,

President Terry Deschenes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at his home. 

Committee Activity:


There still has not been a committee meeting this year, Mark has been just to busy to get everyone together.  Brendan and Rod took the action item to call a meeting and invite all committee members.  Now that the paving work is done there are just a few things that need to be worked on this summer and people are ready to get busy with a little guidance. 


Terry has received some preliminary information about new tanks and expects to get firm cost information very soon.    

Community Property:

            The gazebo roof has been power washed and treated.  Interestingly, the type treatment that was applied is supposed to attach to moss and other things on the shingles and then wash off later bringing the bad stuff with it.  Several people said they have seen just such a thing happening. 

Rick and Shawn have talked about the new sign/bulletin board that has now been installed.  There is one minor error in the map which will be fixed.  They are also looking at putting something like cork board on the bottom to make it easier to use that portion as a bulletin board. 


·        A major portion of the “beaver deceiver” is now in place and seems to be working.  They still have to put the inflow pipes out into the lake.    

·        Shawn received the lakes survey report this afternoon.  He has not had a chance to even look at it yet but will do so soon and then call a committee meeting to discuss it.


Fishing derby is this coming Saturday and Tom reports that all is “good to go”.


There have been no new members move in this month.


Brendan will start working on putting together the baseball game trip for our volunteers. 

No one has yet stepped forward to take over the Treasurer duties from Shawn next year.  Terry said that if need be he will take on the role next year. 


Because of some family medical problems, Steve was not able to compile the first newsletter from all the input he had received.  Terry stepped up and put one together.  It was published in early June.  There have been a number of positive comments from community members. 

Emergency Preparedness:

There is nothing new to report. 


There is nothing to report in this area which is good news! 

Old Business:   

There was nothing new to discuss concerning maintaining community records.   

New Business:   

·        We had another abandoned truck problem in the past month.  A very nice red Dodge pickup was parked in the community lot and left for over a week.  Attempts to find out who owned the truck failed.  After communicating with other Board members Terry finally decided to put a sign on the truck informing the owner that it needed to be removed or we would have it towed.  It was gone the next day.   Still not sure who owns the truck but there was a report that it might have been spotted in here being driven by a lady.  It might well be the property of a community member, we just don’t know who.  We would like to know who owns the truck so that we can explain why it needed to be moved and to make sure they are not upset about our action. 

·        Steve made a suggestion that we set up an official process that will allow members who wish to support various community activities to do so by paying an extra amount with their dues.  The money could be earmarked for a specific project or simply go into the general improvement budget categories.  He believes this would be especially good for members who are not able to participate in work parties but still want to feel like they are contributing to those efforts.  After some discussion it was agreed that this concept will be presented to the Association in the next mailing.  Specific details on the mechanics need to be worked out. 

·        The question of who should be allowed to fish in our lakes was raised.  Recently Tom and Kit had a fishing derby for a small group of Boy Scouts (including their sons).  This event was held on Tom’s property and not the big lake.  There was some discussion on this issue but no firm guideline reached at this time.  Generally, it seemed to be the consensus that only Association members should be catching the stocked fish.  If a member wishes to hold an event which will include fishing it is felt they should voluntarily contribute some money toward stocking the lakes.  If this ever becomes a big issue a formal guideline will have to be published. 

In a related issue, Tom/Kit had placed a “fishing derby” sign out on Cedar Grove road before their gathering.  It appears that this may have had the negative effect of implying to others that our lakes are open to fishing, contrary to what our large sign at the parking area says.  Recently there have been several cases of 3 young men fishing in the large lake.  They have been asked to leave several times.  We clearly don’t know that the fishing derby sign caused this but it is a possibility.  That obviously wasn’t the intent of Tom and Kit.  There was discussion about the pro’s and con’s of stocking our lakes and the hazards of others abusing what is intended to be a nice thing for our community.  Steve has had some very negative experiences with people coming on to his property and fishing.    One suggestion was to stock only the lake that has the dike on it.  It is more out of the way but has good public access for those who know where to go.  We will all watch this situation over the summer and, if necessary, have further discussions about it this fall. 

The Board normally does not meet in July and no meeting is planned again this year.  If something comes up Terry will contact everyone.  The next meeting will be on August 8th at Steve’s home.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.