2007 April Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

April 11th,  2007

In attendance:       Rod Case, Terry Deschenes, Brendan Pecht, Steve Scott

Not In Attendance:    Mark Achzenick, Mark Anderson, Kit Nau, Shawn Mulqueeney, Tom Price

With only 4 Board members present President Terry Deschenes declared that there was not a quorum for an official meeting and the minutes from the previous could not be approved.  None-the-less those present went over key items and reported progress in some committee areas. 

Committee Activity:


·        Brendan reported that he has finished installing the YIELD signs. 


Rod reported that this committee had its first meeting of the year and that several decisions were made.

·        The generator failed to start earlier in the month when Evan was doing his regular check.  The next day several people went up to try it again and/or put it in a pickup to take in for repair.  After cranking it a couple times it took off and ran fine.  It was decided that it will be started up every week or two.

·        Evan, Keith, Marty, and Rod recently spent a few more hours looking for the vaults that had not yet been found.  With the use of a metal detector, and more importantly Marty’s uncanny ability to “find” vaults, all vaults in the main part of our community have been found.  The only ones that have to be done now are the three on Cedar Grove road. 

·        A committee work party is set for April 22nd at which time the flow meter on the main pump will be installed.  Those present will also inspect the old steel storage tank and better document the piping from the wells to the reservoir. 

·        Ellen has advised Evan that using plastic tanks to replace our existing one is probably not the best way to go.  To use them we would have to have a complete engineering plan approved by the proper authorities.  After some discussion it was decided that we should go ahead and simply replace the existing roof with a new one.  Various members are investigating the use of plastic lumber and other alternatives.  Keith Renfrew will ask for a bid from Tom Norton to take off the old roof. 

·        Evan has done more investigation on installing backflow valves.  It will definitely be required at some time in the future.  However, these valves are fairly expensive, have many working parts, and need to have official inspections on a regular basis.  The committee decided to leave plenty of room in the new vault for these valves but to not purchase and install them at this time.  We will wait until the regulations are more mature and a definite mandatory installation date is established.  

Community Property:

·        Rick informed Terry that the mowing bids have been received and are much higher than last year.  Although we all would prefer to have someone within the community do this work, Rick will seek bids from outside sources. 


·        Grass eating carp are being purchased and will be placed in the lake along with the fish for the upcoming derby. 


We discussed the issues facing this committee.  A new chair person is needed for the Entertainment committee, we need to identify someone to take over the Treasurer role, and at least one more member is needed for the Emergency Preparedness committee.   Kit has not been able to meet with Brendan yet to discuss these items.  We discussed with Brendan the necessity of resolving these issues.  We also brainstormed names of people who might be willing to volunteer for various roles.  Brendan will take this information and discuss is with Kit. 

Old Business:   

Terry completed the draft of a letter to the Van Cleaves regarding the abandoned pickup.  His letter was sent to all members of the Board for review and approval.  After making a few minor changes the letter was sent on April 11th.  If a reply is not received by April 22nd the next appropriate step will be taken.  Terry is going to check with our lawyer to see if sending a registered letter is required before we proceed with removing the vehicle. 

New Business:   

Terry asked for comments and ideas on which of the Association’s records must be retained and the best way to do that.  There was some initial brainstorming but we will wait until more members of the Board are present for further discussion. 

The next meeting was set for 7:00 PM  on May 9th  at the Deschenes’.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.