2006 October Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

October 19th,  2006

In attendance:             Mark Achzenick, Terry Deschenes, Shawn Mulqueeney, Tom Price, Tara Bingham

Not Able to Attend:   Rod Case, Kit Nau, Steve Scott, Denise Jones

President Terry Deschenes called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at his home.  It was agreed that approval of the August minutes would be deferred until the November meeting.

New Board Member: Tara Bingham had agreed to serve on the board. Her appointment to the board was unanimously approved by all present.

Committee Reports:


Mark reported that he has had a meeting with his committee and decided on the following.

·        John Olson had gotten bids from a large number of contractors. One contractor’s bid was extraordinarily low, but he did not have a bond/license etc and the committee has passed on having him perform the work. Of the others, two were competitive.  However, the cost to complete the minimum of what the committee felt was necessary would exceed the budget by approximately $2,000.

·        A bid to complete the work for the Y intersection had come in at $4,300. The committee had agreed that this work could better be accomplished by a work party. Mark estimates that the materials will cost approximately $1,500 and will require 10 volunteers for at least 4 hours.

·        That the work was tentatively scheduled for November, weather permitting and would result in the upper road being closed for a day.

·        Mark asked the Board for authorization to exceed his $16,000 budget by the amount of $4,000 in order to accomplish the road repairs, complete the Y intersection safety work and hold $500 for contingencies. Treasurer Mulqueeney stated that we had ample funds to accomplish this and suggested that the normal road budget for 2007 be reduced by this amount. Authorizing the road committee to exceed their $16,000 budget by $4,000 was so moved by Mulqueeney, seconded by Bingham and unanimously approved.

·        With approval by the Board of an additional $4,000 the committee plans to have final negotiations with the top two vendors.  They hope to let a contract for the work yet this fall.

·        Mark also asked that the Board participate in securing 10 volunteers to help with the work. Mark has set November 3 as the work party date with November 11th as a backup in case of bad weather. It was agreed the Board would contact people to insure that we got him his 10 people. It was requested that as the Board secures commitments, they email Mark and Terry.

·        As part of the modifications to the Y intersection, it will be necessary to haul considerable gravel. Mark will coordinate with Rick Ward to place any extra gravel in the community parking lot.


·        There was no report from the water committee, however we all noted that the water had been operating when they left home for the meeting; a good sign. members of the water committee.

Community Property

Rick Ward notes that with the good weather, he has had to continue having the lawns mowed much later into the year than is normal. Rick is working on obtaining a bid to re-roof the gazebo.


Mulqueeney reported that his committee has ruled out the enzyme approach to eating the sludge off the bottom of the lakes. The cost was an initial $9,000 and then $6,000 annually thereafter. The result was that the water would be clearer, the sludge reduced, but that it would encourage plant growth.

They are currently exploring aeration. This means purchasing equipment that forces air to bubble under the water thus adding oxygen to the water. This in turn will reduce the amount of vegetation growing.

It was suggested that grass eating carp would help reduce the vegetation dramatically. Tom Price agreed to check with the supplier he purchases the trout from to see about cost and availability.

The idea of dredging the lakes was brought up by Mark. His point being that no matter what steps we take now, they at best can only delay the inevitable. A long term solution must address getting the depth back into the lakes. It was suggested that we contact the owner’s association on Lake Kathleen in Renton as we are aware that they dredge their lake every 10 years or so. They can provide some estimates of the costs and process that is necessary to accomplish it.


Kristina has planned the fall festival for this coming Saturday. The board was asked to encourage all to attend that could. This would also be a great opportunity to recruit for the work party on November 3rd!

Finance: Denise

Shawn passed around the current financial statements, but there was nothing unusual to report. He did point out that he had sent out the first statements with past due fines on them. One had paid their bill, including the fine and he had heard nothing from anyone else.

Old Business:   

By-Laws/CC&Rs amendments

Terry worked with Craig Blackstone to revise two points in the CC&Rs. The revisions allow commercial operations within very defined parameters and with Board approval.

A provision was also included to allow additional dwellings on a property for relatives. Again with Board approval and some limitations.

One additional item was suggested that it be altered was to allow temporary structures, for up to a year, with board approval for building of a home.

It was agreed that we would send the By-Laws and CC&Rs back out again, with the three revisions detailed above. That Deschenes would do this within the next week, allowing only one week for the vote and that it would be packaged with the same materials as before.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting was set for 7:00 PM November 16th at Deschenes’

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15.