2006 Annual Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Annual Meeting on February 16th 2006

The meeting was called to order by President Shawn Mulqueeney at 7:05 pm in the Issaquah City Hall.  Shawn began by introducing each Board member present – – Rod Case (Secretary), Lee Koger, Kit Nau, Tom Price, and Steve Scott.  Not able to attend were Terry Deschenes (Vice President), Matt Jones (Treasurer), and Rick Ward.

Next Shawn asked all new Association members to introduce themselves.  The Hennessey’s (Kyle & Terri) and Brendon Pecht introduced themselves. 


I.              Minutes of 2005 Annual meeting

The first order of business was a quick review of the minutes from last year’s annual meeting.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as distributed.  It passed unanimously.  

II.           Treasurers report

Copies of a final accounting for 2005 and a proposed budget for 2006 had been handed out at the door as people entered.  Shawn stated that the Board has approved raising the Association dues in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for 2005 which is 3.2%.  He also noted that the Association has been accumulating money over the last few years so that several large projects could be funded.  Those projects will be discussed by committee chairpersons. 

Questions about the 2005 expenditures and/or 2006 budget were called for.  Jan Pelroy made a statement that he felt the Association has been very conservative over the years in raising funds.  “In comparison to most other communities our dues are extremely low”.  He suggested that the Board look at making a major change in the dues structure by increasing them significantly.  This would bring our dues structure more in line with other communities and would provide a larger fund base with which to make improvements within our community.  Shawn replied that he would make sure that the new Board discusses this suggestion. 

There were no other questions about the proposed budget.  Approval was tabled until all the committees could give their annual reports and discuss projects they are working on.

III.         Roads Committee – Mark Achzenick chair

Mark started his report by discussing the 26 maintenance items that have been identified by his committee.  The complete list is posted on our community web site.  He said these items have been grouped into four general categories and prioritized as follows:

1.      Safety items.  This includes replacing the missing stop sign at the main 3-way stop, adding new Yield signs at all remaining intersections, adding crosswalks and a walking path at the 3-way stop. 

2.      Filling potholes.  It is important that we prevent existing roadways from deteriorating before we undertake any improvements to the system.

3.      Ditch work.  There are a number of areas where the ditches are filling up and during heavy rain periods are causing water to run over the road.  This can cause serious deterioration of the pavement.  This work will be contracted out.  There are also a number of culverts that need to be cleaned out. 

4.      Road improvements.  There are several curves where traffic has broken down the edge of the pavement.  These areas needed to be widened.  Over time they also hope to be able to widen other sections of roadway to facilitate two cars passing without pulling off the pavement.

Mark also discussed the major project that has been in the planning for several years and the varied solutions that have been considered.  This involves the main 3-way stop intersection.  The main concern is for pedestrian safety, especially our children as they walk to and from the school bus stop.  Originally a plan was developed to remove the 5 trees on the right hand side of the road as you enter.  This would allow for a wider intersection and better visibility.  This plan was discussed at the Fall Festival and all feedback was that removing the trees and widening the roadway was not desirable.  Members were concerned that a wider intersection would simply encourage faster speeds through it.  There were also concerns about cutting down 5 beautiful trees.  With this feedback Mark’s committee looked for different options.  The result is a plan with several key aspects:

1.      Obtain permission from the Lieblings to move two panels of their fence back about 5 feet from the pavement.

2.      Create very visible crosswalks across each roadway at the intersection. 

3.      Build a graveled walkway running east to west along the fence line on the Morris property. 

Mark routed two pictures of the area that have been altered to show what this solution would look like.  He asked that comments be given to him after the meeting. 

With the money that has been accumulated over the last few years, $16,000, Mark believes that most of the items on the maintenance list will be completed this year.  Bids will be sought in the next few months and work scheduled for the summer months.

IV.        Water Committee – Evan Lurton chair

Highlights of the water system report are:

·        Evan introduced all members of his committee. 

·        There have been no water quality failures of the system for the last two years now.  In 2005 we also tested for Nitrates and Radiological Isotopes and passed both. 

·        Water capacity has been very adequate even during the hottest part of the year.

·        Availability of water has been pretty good also.  We had one planned outage (2 hours) in order to repair some leaks.  And just recently, during Super Bowl weekend, a tree fell across the power lines going up the hill and everyone up there (including the water pumps) were without power for over 2 days.  This meant that Evan had to run the generator to maintain a water supply. 

·        Maintenance on the system was minimal in 2005.  As mentioned earlier, several large leaks were identified and fixed.  We also had a failure of pump 2 and it had to be repaired. 

·        We have changed service providers.  For many years a local company, B & J Drilling, has done all the work on our pumps as well as some line work.  Over the last several years they have become less and less responsive to our requests.  For this reason Evan meet with several other companies and decided to switch to Lido Pump out of Fall City.  They were contracted to do the repairs on the two leaks and did a very nice job. 

·        Possible work in 2006:

Ø      The roof over our storage tank is beginning to show its age, especially the wooden roof trusses.   The whole roof will need to be replaced soon.  Evan wants to look at the practicality of installing a very sturdy framework, either concrete or steel.  Our biggest risk is that of a large tree limb or even a small tree falling on the roof and thereby contaminating the water.  This could mean a prolonged period of time in which our community would be without water while repairs were being made.  A very strong roof truss would minimize this risk.  A shingle or metal roof would then be placed on top of it. 

Ø      The shutoff valve by the Ray property is exposed and in heavy water run off times is sometimes covered by water.  This needs to be fixed.

Ø      We need to do a major line purge on the dead end portions of our system.  As far as we know this has never been done and silt may have accumulated. 

Ø      New laws are starting to require source monitoring, basically usage tracked.  Over the next 12 years it will become necessary for us to monitor flow from the storage tank and at some point monitoring at each service outlet.  This will require a major outlay of money to comply with these new laws. 

Ø      Each member should consider acquiring backflow devises (available at any hardware store) to place on all their outside water faucets.  In the case of a vacuum break this device would prevent backflow of unsafe water into the house.  Evan also noted that each Association member is responsible to monitor their main shut off valve and water line to the house.  Watch for soft ground around a line or valve.  The member is responsible to repair a line break between their house and shutoff valve. 

V.           Community Property – Rick Ward chair

Rick was not able to attend tonight’s meeting but provided the following update to Shawn.  Rick wanted to thank the young men of our community who bid on the contract to mow the community property grass.  They did a nice job all summer long. 

Activities planned for 2006:

·        Replace the roof on the gazebo

·        Mow the grass at the community park

A question was fielded from the audience concerning brush that is starting to intrude over the roadway and scratching cars.  Shawn responded that each Association member is responsible for clearing brush on their property.  Volunteer work parties keep the community property clear.  If you have concern about brush over the roadway you should contact the property owner and discuss you concern with them. 

VI.        Lakes  – Currently no chairperson

Shawn stated that without a chairperson no work has been done in 2005.  To rectify this situation, since he will not be on the Board next year, he has volunteered to chair this committee.  He is looking for volunteers to help him. 

The goals for 2005 will carry over to 2006.  They are to develop a plan for improvements and maintenance to the lakes.  This plan will then be presented to the Association for review and comments. 

VII.      Entertainment  – Kristina Achzenick chairperson

Kristina briefly discussed the four events her committee organizes each year:

1.      Annual meeting

2.      Easter Egg hunt

3.      Fishing Derby

4.      Fall Festival

With the exception of the Easter Egg Hunt which got rained out, the events in 2005 were all very successful and the committee is looking forward to another great year in 2006.

At this time Kristina and Kit held the raffle for a $70 gift certificate to Jak’s.  The winner was Kyle & Terri Hennessey.

The committee also announced a new feature at our annual meetings, recognition of an outstanding volunteer within the community.  The first recipient of this award is Evan Lurton for all the great work he has done on our water system.  This includes spending part of Super Bowl Sunday driving up to the well to make sure the generator was working properly so that everyone in our community had adequate water and could enjoy the game.  Everyone in attendance agreed this award is richly deserved.  Evan was presented a gift certificate as a token of our gratitude. 

      CONGRATULATIONS (and Thanks) Evan.

VIII.   Old Business

·        Shawn and Kit reported that the desire to obtain a permanent easement across the non Four Lakes property to the east of the Nau property is pretty much a dead issue.  The property is being purchased but an agreement for an easement could not be worked out between the new owners and our Association. 

·        The school district as placed two orange cones at the bus stop to identify the best stopping area for the buses.  This solution seems to be working fine.   

IX.        New Business

·        By-Laws/CC&Rs update.  Shawn reported that the Association has retained a local law firm to review the existing documents.  They have been asked to make recommendations on needed changes due to new laws and proven association practices.  We have also asked them to advise us on an annexation process should we want to do that sometime in the future.  Once the Board received the recommendations it will discuss them and create a finalized change document to present to the entire Association.  Once everyone has had a chance to review the recommendations we will call for a special Association meeting for further open discussion.  The Association will then vote on the recommendations.  It is hoped that this will all take place in 2006.

·        Board of Trustees long term goals development.  In the past overall organization and responsibilities within the Association have been rather loosely defined and informal.  This is especially true of the interaction between the Board and each major committee.  To rectify this situation the Board has been working on a document containing a Mission Statement, clearly defined Roles and Responsibilities, and establishing a specific set of Goals for 2006.  This document should be completed soon and will be published for everyone to review and comment on. 

·        Budget for 2006.  Questions on the proposed budget for 2006 which had been distributed earlier were called for.  None were forthcoming.  A vote was then called for and the budget was approved unanimously. 

X.           Election of Officers. 

The terms of three Board members is now completed.  They are Lee Koger, Shawn Mulqueeney, and Rick Ward.  None of them have chosen to run for another term.  This leaves three open positions.    Shawn briefly discussed the responsibilities and commitments of being a member of the Board.  He then called for nominations for candidates to fill these open positions.  Only was person, Mark Achzenick, was nominated.  A call for additional people, especially new Association members, went unheeded.  At that point a vote was taken and Mark was elected to the Board.  There will be two open positions to be filled should any Association member wish to volunteer. 

At 8:50 pm. a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.  It was seconded and approved unanimously.