2005 October Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

October 20th,  2005

In attendance:

Rod Case            Terry Deschenes            Lee Koger 

Shawn Mulqueeney            Kit Nau            Tom Price   

Steve Scott            Rick Ward

Not able to attend:                        Matt Jones

Also in attendance:                        Mark Achzenick – Roads Chairman

Craig Blackstone – Attorney           

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. at the home of Shawn & Kara Mulqueeney. 

Previous Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed.  A motion was made and seconded that the minutes be accepted as originally distributed.  The motion passed. 

Treasurers Report

Matt was not able to attend the meeting and therefore there was no official Treasurer’s report.  An updated financial statement and budget report was routed for review.  Shawn stated that there have been no major unexpected expenditures. Some old telephone poles were purchased as barriers at the Community Property. 

Committee Reports:

Roads:  Mark was present to report that a meaningful discussion took place as a part of the Harvest Festival several weeks ago.  Based on the feedback provided in this discussion he said it is clear that there is very little support for cutting down the trees and widening the intersection at the main three-way stop.  Based on this feedback he will no longer pursue that approach. 

Ø            Two other options were suggested by those in attendance and will be studied in more depth by the Road Committee:

1.      Build a walking path on the north side of the road at the three-way stop.  This idea was clearly the best solution according to those making comments.  However, the option has a major obstacle that must be resolved.  In order to build a pathway the fence on the Liebling property would have to be move back from the road shoulder a minimum of 5 feet.  In previous conversations the Liebling’s have not been agreeable to such a change.  Several members of the Board said they would like to open the discussion again to see if the strong concern within the community might convince the Liebling’s to reconsider.   Based on that discussion this option may (or may not) be pursued further.  There will be a report back on this discussion at the next meeting.

2.      Install some aggressive speed bumps in the intersection.  This would dramatically slow down traffic and thereby lessen the risk to people walking in the area.  This option is not necessarily contingent on a specific action on option 1 and will be discussed further. 

Ø            The Board also discussed with Mark other suggestions for action by his committee.  Items discussed were placing signs at all intersections to clearly define right of ways, replace the stop sign at the three-way stop, replace stripping that is beginning to fade and/or wearing off, placement of additional turtles to mark the middle of the road in key areas, some needed brush trimming.  Mark took notes on all these suggestions and said they will all be considered and addressed.

Ø            There is some question on whom, if anyone, signed up to work on the Roads Committee with Mark.  Rod said that he thought he had and he knew that Keith Renfrew also thought he had.  Mark said he would certainly appreciate any help he can get.

Water:  No formal report this month.  

Community Property:  No formal report this month.  

Lakes:  Willy Gevers has voiced an interest in working on this committee.  It is not yet clear if he would be willing to take a leadership role but he will be asked.  Keith Renfrew has also said he would work on the committee but could not take the time, nor does he have the expertise, to chair it.  Shawn is also very concerned about this area and will work on it also.  Shawn will talk with Willy to see if he is willing to take on a leadership role. 

Entertainment: The Harvest Festival was a great success.   There was a very nice turnout and the weather cooperated.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Comments during the event, as well as e-mail thank you notes afterwards, all were very positive.  Kristina, Kit and others did a fantastic job of putting this event together and were thanked by the Board.

A suggestion has been made that we post some pictures from the Harvest Festival on the web site along with a short write-up.  Rod said he would be happy to work with Craig to post the information on the site if someone will provide it.  Kit committed to providing a write-up and Tom has some pictures.  They will forward all of this to Rod. 

Old Business:   

Ø      Board Member Responsibilities. 

Terry distributed a draft document to each Board member for their review.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.  

Ø      Attorney contact regarding By-Laws and roads issues. 

Craig attended our meeting to discuss he review of our By Laws and to discuss the following key points:

·        It is his opinion that if we are going to do anything to the By Laws we will have to amend them officially.  This requires approval by 75% of the entire Association.  Not 75% of a group attending a meeting.  This is a very high mark to hit and must be approached with a clear presentation of the changes.  He also suggested that we identify the most important changes and concentrate on them.  Presenting to many items for a vote would only confuse and turn away people. 

·        To annex any additional properties such as the 20 acre parcel to the east of Kit’s property would require an amendment to the By Laws.  It would be best to define clear annexation guidelines that would hopefully cover future issues also. 

·        Concerning an access easement for horses, he feels that by far the best way to address this is to get an agreement with the property owner.  If the property owner will not agree to such an easement then the next step would be to look into an “adverse possession” approach.  However, he said that he is not at all sure this would be a feasible approach in our case.  Any legal action would be “long, contentious, and costly”. 

·        In response to a question concerning the overall usefulness/enforceability of By Laws and CCRs Craig responded that they are very worthwhile to have in his opinion.  They show structure within a community and give people a set of guidelines that 99% of the time will be followed.  In his experiences he has found that potential buyers as well as current property owners of an association welcome this structure and appreciate them. 

·        When asked what our next steps should be he responded:

1.      Decide which changes to the By Laws we want to make.  Keep the list as small as possible by identifying elements that are true issues and concerns to the community as a whole.

2.      With his help we will write up a proposal for the changes in the form of formal amendments to the By Laws.  Each element will be a separate item to be voted on by the entire Association.  Make sure you have a strong proxy process to improve your chances of obtaining votes from all members 

3.      Set a day and time for a meeting.  Campaign directly with all members to explain the changes and why you think they are necessary. 

4.      Hold a vote.  Flow time to get to this point is probably a minimum of 4 months. 

·        When asked about the issue of doing needed road maintenance, specifically trimming brush on certain properties that is over the road, he said he wasn’t sure what our legal rights are.  He will look into it further and get back with us. 

New Business:   

Ø      New neighbors to the North (adjacent to Kit Nau) update.   
Kit said that at last contact the prospective buyers have  received approval for a septic system and were very close to closing the deal to purchase the property.   She feels it will definitely happen.

Kit mentioned that she has met a lady who works for King County to acquire property to be set aside as “native areas” or possibly wet lands.  Kit has talked to her about the property to the east of our community.  After some preliminary discussions there appears to be some interest in this property.  Kit suggested that we invite this person to our next meeting for an open discussion.  Everyone felt it was a good idea and asked Kit to invite her.

President Shawn Mulqueeney adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.  Next meeting is scheduled for November 17th – site to be determined.