2005 June Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

June 16th,  2005

In attendance:

Rod Case,   Terry Deschenes,   Shawn Mulqueeney,   Kit Nau,   Rick Ward    

Not able to attend:

Lee Koger,   Matt Jones,   Tom Price,   Steve Scott                             

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. at the home of Shawn & Kara Mulqueeney.  The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed briefly.  A motion was made and seconded that the minutes be accepted.  The motion passed. 

A full treasure’s report had been sent via e-mail to all Board members.  Rod asked several questions concerning cash on hand and definition of terms in the report.  When those questions were answered by Shawn a motion was made and seconded to accept the report.  The motion passed. 

Committee Reports:

Roads:  Gravel has been delivered to the community property parking lot and will be used to fill potholes.  The committee will be meeting soon to discuss maintenance planned for this summer.  After that meeting Mark plans on obtaining bids for the projects that they decide to do. 

Water:  No report this month

Community Property:  Rick reported that Marty Johnson has done some brush clearing at the community property.  He also noted that the youth group from the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints has volunteered to do a clean up project for our community.  He said they will clean all the road signs for sure.  Depending on how many youth attend, and how time they want to spend, they may do other jobs also.   

Lakes:  Shawn reported that he had received a call from Mike Goza recently.  Mike has decided that he can no longer be on this committee and asked that his name be removed as committee chair.  The Board members discussed this briefly and agreed that Mike’s request should be honored.  Mike has contributed a great deal in the past and his efforts will be missed. 

Entertainment: The fishing derby was held on June 11th and was a great success.  There were approximately 30 people fishing at one time or another.  There were some very nice trout caught.  Spencer Gevers won the boat races.  There was also a great breakfast served to all in attendance.  This has turned into a great community event.  There is already talk of next years event and the thought of adding lawn mower races.  Shawn also noted that we have received over $335 dollars in donations to help cover the costs of stocking the lake.  

Easement:  Kit reported that Justin Parks and his family is now very close to signing closing papers on the property just to the east of her place.  Kit recently had a nice conversation with Jana Parks and some of Kit’s initial concerns were laid to rest.  Everyone who has met a member of the Parks family agree that they will make nice neighbors and that this pending sale and development of the property as the Parks plan is as positive a situation as we could hope for. 

There was some discussion concerning the Parks paying our community to “buy in” to the roads system and paying a monthly fee for maintenance similar to all community members.  Since Mark A. has talked with Justin before it was agreed that Shawn will ask that Mark approach Justin again to make sure this is still his plan.  Mark should include this in his Roads Committee discussions. 

With the conclusion of this property access and development situation   Kit suggested that there is no longer a need for an Easement Committee.  The Board agreed that the committee should be discontinued. 

Old Business:   

Ø      Kit report that she had attended the special 4 Creeks district roads meeting.  She had communicated with the King County representative beforehand and described our situation and questions.  The representative had looked into the situation and said that the roads can be used by anyone.  Her other questions were also answered.

Ø      Cingular Wireless Transmission Tower.  Nothing new to report. 

New Business:   

Ø      Lakes maintenance.  As noted above, Mike Goza will no longer lead the efforts in this area.  The Board will take no immediate action at this time but we will still do some weed control during the summer.  

Ø      Community Property garbage and sanican service.  The question has been raised as to the worth of having a garbage can at the gazebo since anyone who signs up to use the property is responsible for removing all their garbage.  Several Board members said that there are also more casual uses of the garbage can such as people waiting at the bus stop, drop in users of our property, etc.  Without a garbage can available there is a high risk of garbage being left on the grounds that would then necessitate a cleanup crew.  It was generally agreed that there is worth in having the can at the site.  Terry said he knows a person fairly high up at Rabanco and that he will contact the person to see if they might agree to provide free pickup during the summer months as a Community good will donation.   

There is a similar question concerning the Sanican.  Once again several Board members said that they felt this facility was definitely needed.  Although there are obviously non- community members who come in off Cedar Grove road and use the service, there are many community members who also use it.  Especially during big gatherings.  It was noted that in the past, when there was no Sanican, people would go across the street and ask to use the bathroom at the Jackson household.  It was agreed to continue this service. 

Ø      Community Property cottonwood tree maintenance.  Shawn read a letter he recently received for Donna Jackson.  Donna formally voiced high concern about the cottonwood trees that line the community property in front of their property.  It is her view that these trees pose a high danger from falling limbs, especially during windstorms.  She quoted several recent situations where limbs have fallen and gotten caught on the power wires and burned.  Other limbs have fallen down and penetrated the ground several inches deep.  The Board agreed that this presents a clear danger and requires some attention.  It was noted that several years ago Theresa Johnson had an arborist come in and inspect the trees.  He said they were healthy.  It was also noted that in approximately the same time frame Puget Power had said they would like to take the trees down due to their proximity to the mail power lines.  The Board at the time did not allow them to do the tree removal.  After some discussion it was agreed that Shawn should contact Brent Shurtz who used to work for Puget Power and see if he can help us approach Puget Power again.  If they are still willing, we will authorize them to remove all the cottonwood trees lining the north side of the community property.  If Puget Power is no longer willing to have the work done then Shawn will contact Theresa and obtain the name of the tree contractor she had contacted before.  There is general agreement within the Board we should remove the trees.  There are some evergreen trees that will maintain a nice look in the area and others trees may be planted in the future. 

During this conversation it was noted again that the Association should have on retainer an attorney for advice on issues such as this.  We could build a relationship with this person such that they know our community, its By Laws, and it’s general desires.  Terry agreed to find a referral for an attorney who works with homeowners associations. 

President Shawn Mulqueeney adjourned the meeting at 8:35 pm.  Next meeting is currently scheduled for July 21st.    It will be at the home of Terry and Rita Deschenes.