2005 April Meeting Minutes

Four Lakes Landowners Association

Board of Directors

April 14th 2005

In attendance:

Rod Case,   Terry Deschenes,   Lee Koger,   Shawn Mulqueeney,   Kit Nau

Not able to attend:

Matt Jones,   Tom Price,   Steve Scott,   Rich Ward

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. at the home of Terry and Rita Deschenes.  The minutes from the previous meeting were discussed briefly.  Rod reported that Terry and Kit have requested additions.  He read those additions.  A motion was made and seconded that the minutes be accepted as revised.  The motion passed.  These minutes will be posted on our web site.

Shawn made the Treasurers report since Matt was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.  There have been no checks come in and all of our bills are paid.  He also reminded the new officers that they would have to sign the bank authorization form soon.   Matt will circulate the form for signatures in the next week or two. 

Committee Reports:

Lakes:  The committee will meet for the first time this year next Tuesday (April 19th) at the gazebo. They will begin initial planning for work that will be done this year.  We should expect a report from this committee at our next meeting.

Water:  Evan has contacted Ellen and discussed current issues including those discussed at our last meeting.  She has provided Evan with the information that he needs and he is now evaluating everything.  He is planning on sending out a thorough summary of this information, and the condition of our system, to all Association members soon.

 There has been no new activities or problems with the system in the last month.   

Community Property:  Rick is making plans for the first work party in May.  He has received good feedback suggesting work tasks that need to be completed.  He also plans on posting a sign-up sheet on the community bulletin board soon. 

Rick has received two bids for mowing in 2005.  One is from his son and the other is from the Meriwether boy.  The bids were the exactly the same.  Rick is now in discussions with both parties to see about them sharing the work by alternating.

Roads:  Mark has plans to have the first committee meeting in May.  They will review the work task list presented at the annual meeting and begin making plans for completing as many of the tasks as possible.  Mark’s main focus is on the 3-way stop area. 

Kit reported that she has heard about a Roads meeting for the entire 4 Creeks district coming up soon.  Several topics of interest to us will be discussed and there will be a representative from King County there to answer questions.  Mark intends to attend. 

Entertainment: The Easter picnic/egg hunt was cancelled due to the hard rain on that day.  Focus is now shifting to the fishing derby, which will be help in early June.

Easement:  Kit has called the lawyer and told him that we are not going to pursue the easement.  She has also asked him about ways we can protect ourselves from unwanted access through our community, changes to properties that are unsightly and/or don’t fit the overall ambiance of our community.  He suggests that cleaning up and bringing our Covenants and By-Laws up to date would be a good first step.  This would re-establish our documents and ensure that all members are in agreement with them.  He has told Kit that he could probably do this work in 3 hours or less (cost approximately $600).  There was discussion about this and the types of things that we could strengthen our Covenants.   It was agreed that Kit should contact the lawyer again to get more details of exactly what would be done.  But, knowing what we know now, everyone agreed updating our documents and strengthening them makes sense. 

Old Business:   

Ø      Rod reported that he had trouble reaching Mindy Sheldrew but he had left a message for her confirming that the Board supported her desire to clearly mark the point where the school bus should stop.  He had also offered to give her some metallic road marking tape for this purpose if she wanted it.  He has not heard back from her.  Shawn and Kit both said that the bus stopping area now has a traffic cone and it seems to be doing the job. 

Ø      Shawn reminded everyone that the web site is up and running.  Rod reported that he has called Craig Anderson several time to find out how to get documents such as these minutes posted on the site.  He has not heard back.  Shawn said he would contact Craig and broker a connection between Craig and Rod so that we have a more timely posting process.   

New Business:   

Ø      Kit again brought up the 4 Creeks district roads meeting and committed to sending out an e-mail to all Board members telling them the place and time of that meeting.  It is hoped that one or more Board members will attend with Mark.

President Shawn Mulqueeney adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.  Next meeting will be on May 12th at the home of Lee and Shirley Koger.  An agenda will be sent out just prior to the meeting.